Best Way to Reheat Pizza on the Stove

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In the following video, I explain a very simple method to re-heat pizza on a stove.
You can certainly use a regular oven, toaster oven, or even an air fryer.
You should NEVER, EVER, use a microwave to re-
heat pizza!

Never Use a microwave to re-heat pizza

Never Use a microwave to re-heat pizza

The best way to reheat pizza on the stove.
1) Use a cast-iron pan, if available. Any frying pan will work
Find Cast Iron Pans
2) Put the pan on stove heat to medium-medium high
3) Put a slice in the pan
4) Add a few drops of water
5) Cover
6) Cook for 2-4 minutes
7) Enjoy your slice/
You can also heat in oven at 375 F

Never, ever use a microwave. The microwave will destroy the pizza slice. You will lose all crunch to the pizza. It will be soft and unappetizing.

There are lots of ways to re-heat pizza and all do a great job.

An oven, a toaster oven, or an air fryer all work great…

This toaster oven will do a great job.

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Albert with pizza

Albert with pepperoni and an Atilla pizza!

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  1. Norman Kronenberg says:

    Great way‘ thanks!
    Aloha is

  2. will d says:

    What’s the matter with cold pizza? especially for b’fast!

  3. pizzatherapy says:

    If you like cold pizza for breakfast, I’m all for it! There is nothing wrong with cold pizza.

  4. pizzatherapy says:

    Thank you very much for your feedback. pizza on earth!

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