Discover the Secret of Detroit Pizza with Jeff Smokevich

When I think of pizza, I envision a roundish type piece of dough. I have described pizza as a “magical disk that makes things happen”. Of course, there was always “bakery-type pizza” that we had growing up in Rhode Island. That pizza was square and served in local bakeries.
Sicilian pizza was also a square shape. Add Grandma to the list of rectangular pizzas.

Detroit Pizza Pans from Jeff Smokevich

Detroit Pizza Pans

If you grew up in Detroit, however, pizza would be more square / rectangle shape. This pizza however was totally different from any other type of pizza in the country. Detroit Style Pizza is made differently from the ground up. First of all Detroit Pizza uses a metal pan to cook the pizza. And it is layered with the sauce (gravy) being placed on top.

Jeff explains Detroit was the pizza his family enjoyed. He thought this Detroit was the only type of pizza made.
Jeff is an expert on this type of pizza. He has trained with Tony Gemignani and cites him as one of his greatest influence.



Here is Part 2 of the Detroit Pizza Workshop featured at the Pizza Expo.


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