Occasionally, you have a pizza that stands out in your mind as being very memorable. As my friend Peter Reinhart explains, there are two types of pizza: good pizza and great pizza.
Now of course the taste of pizza is totally subjective. You decide what tastes good to you.
For me, Pizza Mamo is just incredible pizza. A quick back story here: Pizza Mamo is occupied in the same space as Brick fire Tavern, located in China Town
Brick Fire Tavern created authentic Neapolitan pizza. Brick Fire still creates Neapolitan Pizza at a new location in Kaimuki.
So Pizza Mamo rose out of the ashes of the previous pizzeria.

Cheese Pizza from Pizza Mamo
Pizza Mamo has changed their pizza direction a bit. They pay tribute to Brooklyn / New York-style pizza as well as Detroit.
According to the website:
“Slanging Brooklyn and Detroit style pizza made with the finest ingredients using Old World techniques in Honolulu’s historic Chinatown”

I ordered several pizzas. Their triple cheese, a pepperoni, and a Detroit.
I had gone expecting to record an interview with Matt, the owner. I had my camera and microphone ready. After one bite of the four cheese, I totally forgot about the interview and just wanted to enjoy the pizza.

Pepperoni Pizza at Pizza Mamo

The crust was amazing. My tastebuds were doing a dance, as I had bite after bite. I was astounded at the taste. Next, I sampled the pepperoni pizza. This was a wonderful collection of pepperoni cups on the pie. Pizza Mamo uses Ezzo pepperoni. I have interviewed Darren Ezzo about his amazing pepperoni. I’ll include a link below,

Then I sample the Detroit. The oozy, charred cheese around the edges did not disappoint. This Detroit was simply astounding.

Detroit Pizza at

What is it about Pizza Mamo that was so special? Certainly, the crust was the star. They make no secret about the ingredients used in these pizzas. Their flour is from Central Milling. This flour is the top choice for many professional and home pizza makers.

The sauce is made from Stanislaus Tomatoes. Their tomatoes are wonderful. Stanislaus only sells to professional pizzerias. However I did find a source, and I’ll link to a review I did of this incredible product below, this video.

Pizza mamo also uses Grande Cheese. (No relation to me) The cheese is amazing.

Also, Matt explained to me they use a 4-day ferment for all of their pizza. This extended ferment time allows for the taste and complex flavors to develop. And a great hint for the home pizza chef is to give it at least a 24-hour cold ferment.

I was able to go back to Pizza Mamo and I did record an interview with Matt. I’ll share that in an upcoming video.

I will say the pizza at Pizza Mamo is simply superb. The marriage of the tastes work well together. But for me, star of the show was the crust.

Everything about the pizza here is outstanding. Check them out yourself, you will not be disappointed. Pizza Mamo has totally elevated the pizza game here in Honolulu.

Pizza Mamo 
16 North Hotel Street
Honolulu, in Honolulu.

Here are the links:

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Central Milling Flour
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Randy Coppernoll · June 27, 2021 at 8:20 pm

Hi, what happened to the best pizza on the planet page. I am going on a trip and looking for quality pizza. Also when I click on Contact there is no form to get in contact. Just some ads. Thank you for your crusade.

pizzatherapy · July 25, 2021 at 11:41 pm

The pages are still up but have not been updated recently. Here is the link: https://pizzatherapy.com/bestpizz.htm

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