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Get your (free) copy of my Pizza Dough Recipe (Click Here)

Learn to make your own pizza from scratch!

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Learn pizza secrets: (Click Here) countless pizza, and dough recipes much, MORE!

The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book: Discover how to make simple easy pizza, includes many bonus recipes!

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Meet the Movers and Shakers of the Pizza Industry

Experience some of the Legends of Pizza. I will share interviews, thoughts, insights videos and more with some the the masters of pizza...

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Over 1,000,000 YouTube channel views!

The Pizza Therapy YouTube Channel has Interviews, recipes, tips, tricks and more pizza! Experience pizza videos! Check our videos!

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Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All!

Discover the Best Pizza in the known universe!

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Pizza Therapy is all about pizza. The mission is the love of pizza. Pizza is much more than flour, salt, water and yeast.
Making pizza and eating pizza is magical and spiritual.
Discover how to make your own incredible home made pizza. Find the Best Pizza in the World right here.
Discover the wonders of "the magic little disk that makes things happen!"

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Get started NOW: Claim a free copy of The Pizza Therapy Pizza Dough Recipe. Just click on the pizza!

Learn to make pizza and your life will be forever changed. Pizza will open the doors of friendship, enlightenment and sheer joy and happiness!

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Who Makes the Best Pizza in the World? (Click on the pizza on earth....)

There are many places that can claim they make the best pizza in the world. Honestly, it is really an individual issue. Pizza lovers are very loyal to the pizza they grew up with Pizza fans are very particular about who makes the best pizza. It is a never ending argument. And you know, I would not have it any other way...

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Learn to make pizza dough...Click on the Frogs!

While making pizza can be a wonderful experience, you really can take your pizza to the next level by sharing the experience with friends and family. Making pizza will bring everyone together in ways you never thought possible! Making Pizza is an event that can bring your friends and family together.

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The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book Kindle Version (Click Above)

If you love eating pizza, you are going to love making pizza... "You Will Learn How to Have Family Fun*, Save Tons of Money, and Make Pizza" Learn easy step by step methods to make pizza. Book explains the notion of Pizza Therapy and why pizza is much more than just flour, salt, yeast and water. Describes ingredients you should use, pizza tools and how to use them. Also includes several bonus recipes of well known pizza masters.

Here is the latest news from the Pizza Therapy Universe:

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A Little Mistake Cost Pizza News Readers….

Rumors of Pizza News not being sent out are true!
I do apologize for not send out more Pizza News updates… Any problems have been my own problems…..I thought it was a technical glitch, […]

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Review of Mi Familias Pizzeria, Puerto Rico

Espo and brother Louie went on a pizza quest to Puerto Rico. Here is their report:
Here is the review of Mi Familias in Rincon, Puerto
Gabriel owner of Mi Familias
I want to tell […]

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Here is a variation of our pizza dough recipe.
A Video Tutorial:
How to Make Pizza Dough in a Kitchen Aide Mixer:

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