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Pizza Advice from Daddy Jack Cooking with the Blues

One of my favorite chef’s is Daddy Jack, who Cooks with the Blues. He shares his total love for food and is more than willing to show you how to cook. I have been to his restaurant Daddy Jack’s in New London, Connecticut and have never been disappointed. In addition to being an amazing Chef, […]

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9 Tips for Making Great pizza

Nine Tips for making Pizza 1.) Use Top Quality Ingredients: When you make pizza, you want to showcase your efforts by only using the best ingredients. If possible use locally sourced produce, if available. Everything you use should be the absolute best. 2.) Preparation is the key. Before you start, make sure you have taken […]

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Peter Reinhart Talks Great Pizza at Pizza Expo

Reinhart Speaks About Pizza and Bread One of my highlights of going to Pizza Expo was being able to have conversations with Peter Reinhart. Over the course of several days, I had multiple conversations with Peter and learned from each one. I like to think we started a long conversation many years ago that just […]

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Another Pizza Adventure, Pizza Notes from Waihonua

The latest pizza adventure was a memorable one. Making pizza for me is always an adventure and a blessing. The most important part of creating pizza is the prep. I wanted to share some of this in the hope that it will be helpful to others in their pizza quest. The Prep: I wanted to […]

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Tony Gemignani Explains How Caputo Americana Flour Was Developed

Claim Caputo Americana right here.   Caputo Flour “00” is known for making some of the finest pizza flour in the world. The only problem is that this flour is ideal for classic Neapolitan Pizza in wood fired oven, gas or electric ovens and requires a very high temperature. Great for Neapolitan Pizza, not so […]

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Pizza Making Vs. Bread Making

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Here’s a true theory of bread making and pizza making. Those who make pizza can make bread. Those who make bread can make pizza. The fact of the matter is that these two skills are almost synonymous and just about interchangeable. My pizza making has led me on the path of making some wonderful bread. […]

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