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The Best Pizza in New Jersey






New Jersey Atlantic City Tony's Baltimore Grill

chefdewalt /
Jersey Joe

"...Topping selections are limited, and all pies measure around the 12.5 " diameter mark. The crust! It may just be the water or the humid conditions in the four-high stack ovens burning at around 650 degrees, but these guys know how to do a crust! The sauce lies somewhere between a smooth, contemporary tomato slather and an Old-World pomodoro kiss. Just a hint of herbal kick and garlic. The cheese blend
is hard to pin down, but low-skim Mozzarella is pulling duty in all its browned, bubbly goodness... "
"It's perfect."
New Jersey Bayonne


beach babe "The crust is crunchy and cheese and topping are to perfection. The service is on the money..."
New Jersey Belmar Vesuvio's glenn "...The pizza is outstanding including the evenly baked crunchy crust and the thin layer of sauce is magnificent. The service is horrible taking at least an hour to get your pizza on a busy Friday evening...This is simply the best pie on the Jersey Shore or anywhere else!!!"
New Jersey Bradley Beach CBo Pizza cardguy "...made in... coal-fired brick oven... All fresh ingredients ... they make their own fresh mozzarella, dough, and sauce. They add fresh basil to every pizza..."
New Jersey Branchburg
Vinnie's Pizza & Pasta
Joe "The pizza selection as well as the people who work there make this restaurant, easily makes this the best place in Central NJ, if not the entire state. The dough
and sauces are fantastic, and you never get tired of the selections they offer. The owners know you by name and what your favorite dish is, and that always makes you feel like family. I would HIGHLY recommend this restaurant to anyone who enjoys
Italian food."
New Jersey Brick Enzo's Pizza
(Pizza Hall of Fame: CLOSED!)
Mike /


"They make a great Pizza, and have received awards to show for it." /
John reports:
"Enzo's been closed for several years now, essentially a family decision after the passing of Enzo Avallone himself, a good man, father, former employee of the Italian State Railways, and one heckuva pizza chef...."
New Jersey Bridgeton Big John's Pizza Wilbert "Big Johns Pizza is awesome.  It is unlike any pizza you have ever eaten.  It isn't doughy and sauceless, it isn't a flat New York style... it's The Lasagna of Pizza!"
New Jersey Brooklawn Sangarlo's

112 South New Broadway
Brooklawn, N.J.

Albert Grande
The Pizza Promoter

Sangarlo's by Pizza Therapy


"Food so good You'll think we kidnapped your grandmother"...
New Jersey Cherry Hill

Peoples Pizza

elsuprimo /

"The crust is substantial, sauce is excellent and they don't skimp on the cheese... " /
"The whole pizza is delicious! The crust is soft and has a great taste.The sauce is perfect ..."
New Jersey Cinnaminson

Brothers Pizza


"I have yet to find better pizza..."
New Jersey Colonia D'Italia


New Jersey Delanco Vinny's


"It's just the real deal.  Italian pizza the way it should be."
New Jersey Elizabeth Michelino's Pizzeria


"The sauce taste like homemade ... tomato sauce my grandmother used to make..."
New Jersey Elizabeth Santillo’s
639 S. Broad St.,
Elizabeth, N.J.
(908) 354-1887

Albert Grande,
The Pizza Promoter


"Incredible pizza. Very consistent. Solid taste. Has historical significance."
New Jersey Elizabeth


beach babe

"Service is great. The gravy is divine. The cheese is very good on the pie
and the crust is well done and crisp on the edges."
New Jersey Elmwood Park Vito's


"It is just the perfect blend of everything! It's amazing!"
New Jersey Garden City

Speedie Pizza


"Huge, square "Sicilian Style" pizzas are the only choice of pies...but what a great choice it is!!!"
New Jersey Glen Rock Turvino's

Aaron Nathans

"...some of the best New York pizza anywhere. Thin but not crispy."
New Jersey Hamilton Township   Mike & Nonna's Pizza-Cafe


"FANTASTIC! This is the tomato pie I grew up with: thin crust, great sauce. Its a small place but I think its the Best kept secret in New Jersey."
New Jersey Hackettestown Sonny's


"When you first walk in, the storefront is spotless and they are happy to see
you. Then when you get your pizza home its always hot and fresh, the crust is
juuust right, the sauce is seasoned well and there is plenty of it. We always
get double cheese; and it's double cheese gooey. It's like a chorus that is
completely in tune - everything comes together, and is a perfect mixture of
New Jersey Long Branch 

Freddie's Pizzeria


"The crust is thin and crispy, the sauce is awesome, and the price can't be beat..."
New Jersey Long Branch 



"Best pizza I've ever had and I've eaten a lot of pie in my day. Thin crust, perfect sauce and great variety of toppings. This place is a throw back to a time and place
that doesn't exist anymore. It's excellent and I almost hate to let the secret out."
New Jersey Manville Manville Pizza & Restaurant

stugotss /

"...The sauce and crust make a perfect combo for extremely delicious pizza..." /
"Best crust, best sauce, best cheese and no frilly toppings. Pizza at in it's truest form. Definitively, the best pizza ever."
New Jersey Manville 

Pizzatina Pizza


"I've had pizza from all around, but I dare anyone to taste Pizzatina and say its not the best... "
New Jersey Marlton



"Probably the best pizza I have eaten in quite
Definitely one of the best!!!!!!!!!!!"
New Jersey Morristown Pete's Tavern


"... in operation for over 40 years!! We are a Bar , Restaurant and Pizzeria ALL UNDER ONE ROOF! Quite Unique!!! "
New Jersey Mullica Hill Joe's Pizza


"Sauce, crust, best service..."
New Jersey Neptune Pete and Elda's


"The crust is so thin and crispy. If you can eat a whole pie by yourself,  you get a T-shirt! Just the right amount of sauce and hot bubbly cheese..."
New Jersey New Milford

Big Jim's


"The best crust in the universe is not too thin
and not too thick, and always crispy. They are never skimpy with the toppings!"
New Jersey North Arlington


"A hole in the wall pizzeria since the mid 60's. Featured on the opening credits of "The Soprano's". Best pizza I've ever had. I've brought people there from other states, and they agreed. I moved away years ago, and a few times a year, I will make the drive just for this incredible pie. Minutes from the Meadowlands. It's worth the trip."
New Jersey Oakland, (Bergen County) Tony's Brothers Pizza


"Tony's Brothers is the Best Pizza in Bergen County NJ. Always
extra cheesy and well done. The crust is nice and crispy,
always hot, and made with fresh sauce. The best is the sausage pie."
New Jersey Ocean City

Mack and Manco's

crazymojo /

"Great service and a great recipe. /
"EVERYTHING, Never tasted anything like it." /
...thin crispy crust, ovens that rotate the pizzas so they are always cooked evenly, the best sauce and without a doubt the best tasting cheese I have ever had on top of a pizza..."
New Jersey Ocean Gate

The Anchor Inn


"...the sausage and garlic pizza is outstanding I use to drive 50 miles one way just to eat pizza...
New Jersey Orange Star Tavern

Kevin Holland

"Claimed by thousands of loyal customers to be the best they've ever had. Star Tavern pizza remains the original and most famous pizza and pizzeria in New Jersey..."
New Jersey Parsippany Reservoir Tavern

teamhrc /


"Mostly the crust but the sauce is great as well.  Kinda like
Sally's Apizza but not as charred" /
"Wonderful, slightly charred chewy crust,
tasty fresh sauce, highest quality cheese,
baked to perfection."
New Jersey Parsippany Reservoir Tavern


"Mostly the crust but the sauce is great as well.  Kinda like
Sally's Apizza but not as charred"
New Jersey Perth Amboy

Sciortino's Pizzeria
(Pizza Hall of Fame: CLOSED!)

deq1njq2 /

"Delicious sauce.  Everything, cheese, crust, spices sauce, is in perfect balance. The best!" /
"The sauce is the best! The taste generated by the turn of the century coal
fed oven is unparalleled."
New Jersey Phillipsburg Nicolosi's Pizza


"Paper thin and crispy crust. Just the right amount of sauce and cheese."
New Jersey Princeton Old World Pizza


"Old World makes a very unique Pizza, and it tastes like a slice of heaven (no joke intended). I highly suggest that if you are anywhere in the Princeton area that you stop by this place."
New Jersey Randolph Pizza Pub

Papa Steve

"The Pizza's crust is a great combination of crispy outside and soft in the middle. The sauce is a fantastic blend of several varieties of tomatoes and a very nice hint of basil and garlic. The cheese is mild and not over powering. The most important part is that the Pizza Pub provides some of the most exciting toppings and specialty
pizzas I have ever had."
New Jersey Ridgewood A Mano
24 Franklin Ave, Ridgewood

A Mano by Pizza Therapy

Albert Grande,
The Pizza Promoter

"Pizza made by hand and by heart. You gotta love that!"
New Jersey Ridgewood The Best of Everythintg


"They only make small personal pizza's but they are the best.Unlike any other pizza in the New York Area. Ultra-thin crust and fresh tomatoes and mozzarella with basil make it worthwhile. But its all about the crust."
New Jersey River Edge

Mazonne's Pizza


"Thin crispy crust, not too much cheese, and a deliciously spiced sweet tomato sauce!" /
"The best pizza in town for 30 years, best crust, sauce, and cheese."
New Jersey Roselle Park

Angelo's Pizzeria


"They make great anchovy pizza. The people that work there are always nice."

New Jersey Rumson

Undici Taverna Rustica

Albert Grande,
The Pizza Promoter

Interview with Victor of
Undici, here.

They use "only fresh all-Italian ingredients and following Anthony Mangieri techniques". Undici Taverna Rustica offers the best pizzas in New Jersey."

They use "the best bufala mozzarella, Pecorino-Romano, fresh tomato mixed with the exquisite aroma of fresh basil."

New Jersey Saddle Brook Cuz'n Vinnie's gimmedattoo "Best pizza in Bergen County! Thin (not too thin), crunchy crust isn't overpowered by the sauce or the toppings. Toppings are VERY generous and it's always hot and crispy, even when delivered."
New Jersey Sea Bright Mad Hatter Bapper "See Pete and Elda's in Neptune, it's almost as good.  Thin
crust and the flavor!!!"
New Jersey Seaside Heights Three Brothers
from Italy

200 Boardwalk
Seaside Heights, NJ 08751

(732) 793-5052


nico /
wmass /

Jersey Jerry

"It's too hard to pinpoint what makes this THE BEST pizza--the crisp crust, lots of
cheese, just the right amount of sauce, or perhaps the huge slice.Three Brothers needs to spread the wealth...".   /
"... The crust is nicely encrusted with particles of cornmeal or farina on the bottom. It has a classic, simple tomato sauce seasoned with oregano. And they use real mozzarella (Moot •za •rell) It's even better than the pizza I had on the Isle of Capri, off Napoli!"
/ "Three Brothers has an authentic, Neapolitan-style crust cooked directly on the stone
bottom of a hot oven. It has a generous amount of mozzarella cheese and is perfectly
seasoned with oregano and garlic."
New Jersey Seaside Park Maruca Tomato Pies Mike "...for people visiting the Jersey Shore don't miss out on Maruca Tomato Pies in Seaside Park, it's a must. They blow away most others in the area....Maruca offers more than just an oversized slice loaded with mozzarella, it actually has a better taste...."
New Jersey Seaside Park Soprano's Pizza Albert Grande,
The Pizza Promoter
"It's a combination of great and I mean great tasty crust. Sauce that's not sweet, not bitter but nicely not over-spiced and topped with a quality cheese that would make any cow proud. All together, wow what a pizza...mmm, I'm hungry now..."
New Jersey South Orange Bunny's Tavern andrewbottomley "The combination of paper thin crust, and a perfect ratio of sauce to cheese. The motto of this restaurant must be, "thin thin thin", cause you can eat about 70 slices and still not feel full."
New Jersey Summit Summit Brick Oven metaljaybird "Perfect thin crust, sauce is a good tomato flavor, the service is friendly."
New Jersey Toms River Avellino Pizza & Pasta knarf "The pizza is 24" ROUND pizza (Jumbo). The crust is not thin. The sauce is not to sweet or spiced. Topping is always fresh and not from a can."
New Jersey Trenton DeLorenzo's
Tomato Pies

DeLornezo's by Pizza Therapy

muscla /
Ed Levine
Pizza: A Slice of Heaven!

"Everything ---- it is simply the best I've ever had"
"Without a doubt, LEGENDARY... this is the real deal...ala Montsu Tesa!!! Simply the BEST! Hamilton Ave. (white clam pie, extra tomato sauce are best...) Hudson St. (Extra sauce...) either you know or you don't.." /
Tons of crushed fresh tomato (the extra tomato and garlic is KILLER) and a well-done, extremely thin crust." /
"...eminently satifying..."
New Jersey Trenton Papa's Championship Tomato Pies Ed Levine
Pizza: A Slice of Heaven!
"...I see a lot of heart in this place." Giancarlo
"It's not pizza, it's tomato pie" Abie
New Jersey Turnersville Papa's Pizza
3051Route 42
Turnersville, NJ



"Thin crust, outstanding sauce, real cheese, great pizza makers."
New Jersey Wildwood Jumbos Pizza moviegurutim "Best on boardwalk, right off of Morey's Pier. They have huge slices."
New Jersey Wildwood


Carolina Jude "You won't find better "beach" pizza anywhere!"
New Jersey Whitehouse Station Giovanni's Pizza & Pasta
431 US Hwy 22 E. @ Bishops Plaza
Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889

(908) 534-4410
Giovanni's Pizza from Pizza Therapy

Albert Grande,
The Pizza Promoter


"Wide variety of pizza, served by the slice or whole pie. All types of Italian food."
New Jersey Wyckoff Brick's Pizza mcclafferty32/
"Real wood burning brick oven stove. The BBQ chicken & Buffalo chicken pizza are great and you can also get by the slice."/
"...the crust is great and the sauce to die for..."
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