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Pizza Therapy is all about pizza. promote the making of pizza, eating pizza and loving pizza. Discover resources such as How to make pizza 
 With a little effort (very little), you can make your own incredible pizza.
Welcome to a pizza celebration. Find the Best Pizza in the World right here.

"Pizza Therapy is a love poem to pizza."
Noted pizzaiolo Peter Reinhart

Making pizza is an event that can be enjoyed by the entire family.
Make pizza and you will make magic.
Get a copy of our pizza dough recipe right here.

"The best pizza I have ever made"...

Pizza News August/ September 14, 2014

" I was honored to be chosen to be a one of the Pizza Expert Panelists for The Daily Meal Best Pizza in the USA. I was very flattered and of course grateful to be part of this elite group. The list of pizzerias was extensive. The voting was totally subjective and asked for my complete biased opinion. This was my type of pizza panel..."
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Pizza News August/ September 14, 2014

"Pizza is in a showground all it’s own. Some argue New York is the home of the best pizza. If you’ve ever discussed pizza with natives of New Haven, the lines are are drawn in the sand. Don’t leave those from the West Coast out. Pizza fans from St. Louis and Detroit have their own favorites.
And those from Old Forge, Pennsylvania would have you believe pizza was invented there.
The tribes from Chicago have their own passions..."

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The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book

Pizza Therapy is all about pizza. Discover how to make pizza, the history of pizza, where to find the best pizza, pizza videos, Pizza Audios, Pizza News Archives and more. For the latest updates be sure to visit The Pizza Therapy Pizza Blog. For making pizza you need the best flour.
Here is the best pizza making flour at this link.  Review: Pizza A Slice of American History.

This site is for those passionate about making pizza and eating pizza. Pizza Therapy is for anyone whoever smiled after they ate a pizza.
 When you eat great pizza, magic happens. When you make pizza you create your own magic.

Pizza is a food that has been continually discussed, debated and argued. And that is the beauty of pizza. That is what makes pizza special, unique and wondrous. “Pizza is a magical little disk that makes things happen…” (And yes, I’m quoting myself here…)

Discover The Best Pizza in the World at Pizza Therapy:

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The Best Pizza in the
Eastern U.S.
(Alabama-New Jersey)


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(New York-
West Virginia)
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Central U.S. 

Best Pizza in Chicago

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Western U.S.
The Best Pizza

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