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1. What's New:  A Grande's Wine Tale

2.  Take Your Oven to The Limit to Make a New York Pie

3. "Pizza is sexy..."

4. Everybody Loves Pizza- 10 BEST PIZZAS IN U.S.

5. The Mini Pizza Therapy Pizza Book

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1.  What's New: A Grande's Wine Tale

My Dad embodied the heart and soul of pizzatherapy.com

As a matter of fact, this entire website is a tribute to him.

He had a big heart and a wonderful sense of humor.

In the following video, I talk about one of his adventures.

I call it the A Grande Wine Tale:


2.   Take Your Oven to The Limit to Make a New York Pie

Roger writes:

I recently read an article written by a New Yorker who spent years replicating the pizza from his favorite NYC parlor. Only problem was, the oven had to be about 700 degrees F, not possible in a home oven without using the cleaning cycle and some trickery to make the
oven work near its cleaning temp.

What temp are you recommending?

My Response:

I recommend getting your oven temperature as hot as possible.

I do not know about using the cleaning cycle. You will have to follow that advice on your own.

My oven will only get up to about 500 degrees F. I use a pizza stone (actually a hearthkit). The stone is pre-heated for at least an hour or more. My pizza comes out OK. I like the taste and so do all of the people I have made pizza for.

I do not pretend to say I can re-create a NYC style pizza at home.

I cannot recreate a NYC pizzeria pizza at home. Maybe other people can, but I do not have that ability. (Although in the Pizza Therapy Pizza Book, I feature a recipe by Peter Reinhart which is a NYC style pizza...)

Now as far as recreating your favorite NYC pizza parlor pizza at home?

I say don't even try. You will always be disappointed.

I think you can make good pizza at home. You might even be able to make great pizza.

But comparing NYC style pizzeria to home-made pizza is like comparing a Little League team to the New York Yankees.

It is apples to oranges. You may come close, but you will never totally nail it.

Please let me know the author of the article...I want to talk to that guy....

Roger wrote back and sent me the link... I visited the site and my jaw dropped!

I have to say...this guy knows how to make New York style pizza at home. I will have to eat my words.

His name is Jeff Varasano. Jeff has spent the last six years developing the recipe. He is a New Yorker who moved to Atlanta and was motivated by desperation because he could not find a New York style pizza anywhere

He has put up a page that gives away all of his secrets. He holds nothing back. His explanations are long and involved. He gives the recipes, the per cents of flour to water to yeast etc. etc. It's all here. He gives away all of his research and tricks.

And he has pictures of the pizzas to prove it. The pizzas look like they came out of a coal fired pizzeria oven. Incredible!

He truly has taken his pizza to the next level.

The most amazing part is that he cooks his pizza with the cleaning cycle of his oven. He discloses a secret to by-pass the oven controls so that he can "stress" the oven. He makes his oven reach temperatures that far exceed any type of normal limits. It's kind of like putting rocket fuel in a VW.

He also offers a disclaimer: Don't try this at home boy's and girls!

You will be astounded at these pizzas. He has packed more pizza information on this web page than many websites. I am impressed. You will be as well.

Here is the link to Jeff's page at Adam's Slice: >>> Jeff Varsano's New York Pizza Recipe.

Also don't forget to check out Adam Kuban's Slice: Crusty Saucy Cheesy
This is, America's favorite Weblog!

Side Bar:

I have made some updates at the Legends of Pizza website.

You will find some extraordinary videos of the Legends in action

You can uncover incredible stories and excerpts from the Legends of Pizza Series including:

  1. The Birth of The Clam Pizza by Gary Bimonte

  2. Watch Chris Bianco make a pizza before your eyes

  3. Tony Gemignani is in England and tells his pizza secrets

  4. An hour long video of
    Peter Reinhart from a Google conference where he discusses whole wheat flours...

  5. A fascinating and touching video of Ed LaDou here.

You really need to check it out:

Legends of Pizza 


3. "Pizza is sexy..."

 "Pizza is sexy..."

Mililani, Hawaii-  “Pizza is sexy, right now,” contends World Famous Pizza Maker, Ed LaDou.

LaDou, best known as the creative pizza genius behind Wolfgang Puck’s Pizza as well California Pizza Kitchen, was responding to the current state of pizza and the infatuation of the media for all things pizza. LaDou who has been creating pizza for over 30 years, owns and operates Caioti Pizza Café, in Studio City, California...

Read More HERE


4. Everybody Loves Pizza- 10 BEST PIZZAS IN U.S.

According to Jff Ruby and Penny Pollack the following is a listing of what they consider to be the best in the country.

Part of their research included searching 500 pizza locations. The official Press Release follows:

"Everyone has a favorite pizzeria and a definition of what "real" pizza should be. From region to region, or even neighborhood to neighborhood, loyalties inspire heated debate between, say, diehard New York thin-slice lovers and Chicago deep-dish fanatics, or between New Haven aficionados and healthy California pizza devotees. Just in time for National Pizza Month in October—and the 100th anniversary of America’s first pizzeria—Chicago magazine dining editors Penny Pollack and Jeff Ruby gather the collected wisdom of the country's top pizza-ologists in EVERYBODY LOVES PIZZA: The Deep Dish on America’s Favorite Food (Emmis Books,). Mixing history and nostalgic photos, recipes to try at home and a listing of more than 500 places to find great pizza in America, Pollack and Ruby name names and guide pizza lovers to the finest pies around. 

Here are the authors’ picks for the 10 best:

Una Pizza Napoletana • New York, New York.  Est. 1996: Anthony W. Mangieri makes four pizzas: marinara, Margherita, bianca, filetti—and when the dough runs out, he’s done for the night.  This guy is serious, he’s focused, and he makes the best pizza in the country.

Delorenzo’s Tomato Pies • Trenton, New Jersey.  Est. 1936: New Jersey’s pizza history is nearly as rich as New York’s and DeLorenzo’s rules the Garden State.  Just pick up the first slice of tomato pie, savor the healthy blanket of cheese, and marvel at the thin crust that bends but won’t break.

Pizzeria Bianco • Phoenix, Arizona.  Est. 1994: Rain or shine, people stand in line for hours to taste Chris Bianco’s tribute to Naples, a marriage of “tradition, influence, and integrity.”
Side Bar: Watch Chris Bianco make a pizza before your eyes

Pizano’s • Chicago, Illinois.  Est. 1997: Amongst Chicago’s heavy hitters, Pizano’s often flies in under the radar.  But the addictive pizza—a cheesy blanket, sweet tomato sauce, and juicy sausage chunks on a pastry-like thick (yet delicate) crust is like deep-dish without the heft. 

Punch Neapolitan Pizza • St. Paul, Minnesota.  Est. 1996: Despite its unlikely location, Punch serves blackened-edged charred-bubbled pizzas with a perfect mix of mozzarella di bufala and crushed San Marzano tomatoes.  For an extra 50 cents, you can order it “wet”—extra tomatoes and olive oil—in the true Neapolitan style.

Wells Brothers Italian Restaurant • Racine, Wisconsin.  Est. 1921: This family restaurant has defied the odds since the 1940s—no hand-stretched doughs here.  The raw dough makes at least two trips through an old bakery roller, which turns out the thinnest crust and most satisfying crunch imaginable.

Sally’s Apizza • New Haven, Connecticut.  Est. 1938: Not the first pizza parlor in New Haven but after 67 years, it’s the best.  Every pie that emerges from the legendary coal-burning oven has that amazing, crispy-chewy, almost burnt, oblong-shaped crust that made New Haven pizza famous.
Side Bar: See A video of Sally's here.

The Cheese Board Pizza Collective • Berkeley, California.  Est. 1967: Vegetarian pizza by committee sounds like a really bad idea, but this co-op comes up with a different sourdough pizza every single day and every day is a new revelation.

Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana • New Haven, Connecticut.  Est. 1925: The standard for white clam pizza—the signature of pizza parlors up and down New Haven’s legendary Wooster Street—is still at Pepe’s.  The simple combination of sweet, fat clams on a chewy, almost-burnt crust bonded with a touch of mozzarella and a load of garlic always lives up to its billing.
Side Bar: See the Pepe's Video Here

Metro Pizza • Las Vegas, Nevada.  Est. 1980: Metro’s partners are pizza chameleons in the desert.  They celebrate the genre by playing no favorites, successfully replicating virtually every pizza style across the country, from New York-style to New Orleans grilled shrimp toppings to Chicago’s spinach-stuffed pies."
Side Bar: Check out Metro owner John Area's Pizza Class. Click Here

From the book EVERYBODY LOVES PIZZA: The Deep Dish on America’s Favorite Food

by Penny Pollack and Jeff Ruby• Emmis Books,ISBN 1-57860-218-1

Buy Here:

by Penny Pollack and Jeff Ruby.




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5. The Mini Pizza Therapy Pizza Book

The mission of this website has always been to spread the word about pizza.

The joys of making pizza and the joys of eating pizza.

In keeping with the undertaking of Pizza Therapy, I have created a Mini version of the Pizza Therapy Pizza Book.

It contains the latest version of the World Famous Pizza Dough Recipe for Pizza Therapy as well as several of my most popular recipes.

You can download your copy right here.

The only thing I ask is that you share it with as many people as possible.

Help me continue the mission.

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