If you want to know what a New York Slice is, you need to ask a pizza lover who eats pizza for a living. For me, the primary pizza expert is Scott Wiener of Scott’s Pizza Tours.

Scott defines a New York slice as being “a portable, thin in the center, gently puffed on the ridge, about a 1/8 of an 18-22 inch diameter pizza, low moisture mozzarella, lightly seasoned (if seasoned at all) tomato sauce. Very simple very elegant, not much going on. The slice needs to be larger than the paper plate it is served on.”

Scott goes on to explain, it does not matter what kind of oven you use, what brand of anything you use. It does not matter what kind of flour you use. If it fits that description, then it is a New York slice.

I had to ask if about the 99 cent slice and he agreed this fits the parameter, but obviously, the ingredients used may be of lower quality.

He shared what some of his favorite slices are in New York. Joe’s is one of his favorites. Joe’s has the classic New York Slice. He also likes Patsy’s in Harlem. There is a difference because this pizza is coal-fired and it is very unusual to find a coal-fired New York slice. Patsy’s is an outlier so it is difficult to compare Patsy’s with the others.

Patsy's Harlem

Patsy’s Harlem

He also likes L’industrie Pizzeria ™️ which is new and a revival of making slices using high-quality ingredients. They put a little bit more care into each pizza.

L’industrie Pizzeria ™️ Slice

Another one of his favorites is Scarr’s Pizza   (Photo: @cloudzac) While he doesn’t describe them as artisan pizza he does praise the quality. It’s not like they are laboring over each slice, rather these slices are a wonderful interpretation of what a slice can be. The owner of Scarr’s has a great story of how he started in the pizza business. He has been making pizza for a long time and he now presents his own version of the classic New York Slice.

Scott explains on his pizza tours you are given a slice of pizza to try at several pizzerias. I have been on Scott’s Pizza Tours and I highly recommend you hopping on board. You will be in for the pizza ride of your life! Educational, gastronomical, pizza-filled, and fun!.

Scott giving a tour a Lombardi’s

In the following interview, Scott shares some of his favorite pizza tips. He states making pizza is like playing an instrument.

His pizza tips are great:

  1. Use a pizza stone or baking steel.
  2. Use a pizza peel (Find Pizza Peels Here)
  3. Don’t mess with the dough until you are ready to stretch it
    (DON”T squeeze it. Be gentle)
  4. Be careful with your toppings.
    Remember this: Less is more. You don’t have to pile on your pizza toppings!

Here’s the complete interview with Scott.

Thanks so much, my friend!

Scott Wiener enjoys a Poke Pizza

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Pizza Girl · October 26, 2021 at 2:58 pm

New York Slice is my favorite. I really appreciate your work.

By the way Hi Scott how are you. Great work.

Carry on.

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