For the last several years I have been honored to take part in an exclusive poll

for America’s Best Pizza, created by Daily Meal.

This was an exclusive poll, and not available to the general public.

This year, they are opening up the voting.

“For the first time, The Daily Meal wants to know who you think serves America’s best pizza. Vote now!…How does voting work? Be warned: You must be pizza obsessed.”

Pune You can see the survey by CLICKING HERE

You can also use this shortened link to vote:


Once I found out about the voting being opened up, I knew I had to let you know.

Voting closes on July 9th, so please vote As Soon As Possible!

The poll is rather extensive and covers the entire USA. No problem with leaving a blank vote. There is also a space where you can nominate your own favorite pizza place if they are not listed.

Forexample of of my favorite pizzerias: Federal Hill Brick Oven Pizza in Warren Rhode Island, was not even mentioned.

Federal Hill Brick Oven Pizza

Federal Hill Brick Oven Pizza

There were also several other omissions…

I was so impressed, last year I created a couple of videos outlining the top 100 pizzas.

You can see the videos, here:

and HERE:


Please take a minute to vote!  I know you have your favorite pizzeria,

Please stand up and be counted!

Happy Voting!
pizza on earth,


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