Tony Gemignani always has some great pizza tips. In the following video, I caught up with him at Pizza Expo. Tony was tired and exhausted. He had just finished completing a pizza demo and pizza seminar.

Tony Gemignani works the dough at Pizza Expo

Tony discussed his flagship pizza concept, Pizza Rock, The plan is to open 20 new locations in the next five years. Tony shared his plans to start doing pizza at some of the stadiums. The pizza would all be hand-stretched and cooked in specially designed ovens. The pizza would not be cooks on a conveyer belt. The special ovens would be imported from Italy and designed to his specifications.


Tony’s stadium pizza will not use frozen dough. The pizza dough will be made right at the stadium. He has a pizza started stored in the basement. All the pizza made will be very hands on.


Tony’s Best Pizza Making Tips

“Can you give some tips for the home pizza maker?” I asked. You can watch the entire video interview below.

Tip # 1: Use 2 Stones or Two Baking Steels

Using a pizza stone will help to cook your pizza, however, his tip is that to really get to pizza perfection you should use two pizza stones or two  Baking Steels.

The 2 pizza stones o2 Baking Steels method will cook your pizza better. For a number of years, I used 2 pizza stones in my oven, and now I use 2 baking Steels. I have really noticed a quicker cook time as well as a better pizza. 

(Side note: For more on the Baking Steel see my interview with Andris Lagsdin, the creator of the Baking Steel here.

Tip # 2: Use a Browning Agent

Tony says whenever he cooks in a 500 degree (500 F or 260 C) he will always use a browning agent for the dough. This could be honey, malt or sugar. Use 1 to 3 % depending on the type of browning agent or the type of lour you are using.

Tip # 3: Use a High Gluten / High Protein Flour

According to Tony, this will always make better pizza. In addition, you pizza will cook better in your home oven.

Tip # 4: Use Cold Rise Method for Dough

Your dough will have better flavor and digestibility if you allow your dough to mature overnight. Make your dough the day before and allow it to proof. This will greatly enhance the flavor of the dough.

Tip # 5: Remember Your Finishing Ingredients After the Bake

There are many ingredients you can add to your pizza after the bake. You do not have to pile ingredients  These can include goat cheese,  Parmesan Reggiano,  tomatoes, feta and more.

Here is the complete video interview with Tony:

You can find out about Pizza Rock, here.

Tony’s Pizza Napoletana
1570 Stockton St
San Francisco,
CA 94133

Here is a short video of Tony Gemignani’s Pizza Tips:


Here are the resources Tony discussed:

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Tony’s Incredible Pizza Bible

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