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Here is a Review of Pizza Stones

While you can use a pizza pan or cookie sheet to cook pizza,
making pizza with a pizza stone, takes your pizza to a whole new level.

The oldest pizzerias were made of stone, and later brick. These ovens were made to retain heat. And to cook pizzas. These stone ovens delivered direct high heat to the dough cooking the pizza quickly and completely.

The best pizzerias today use stone and brick ovens. Notice how well the crust has been cooked. Simply outstanding.

  • You may not be able to build a brick oven in your kitchen. Building a brick oven in your kitchen may be impractical.

Pizza Stone Reviews


Important Tip: If Your pizza sticks....

  • If your pizza sticks to the surface as you try to move it to your cookie sheet or Pizza Stone !, slide a knife underneath to loosen it. Remember next time to use enough corn meal or flour underneath so it will slide. Another trick to loosen dough is to use a piece of dental floss (wider than the pizza), and slide it under the dough.  The "dental floss trick" has saved many "sticky" pizzas!


Master Pizzaiolo, Jon F. explains the single most important aspect of using a pizza stone.

You must pre-heat the stone:



Care and Cleaning of Your Pizza Stone

I have had my pizza stone for over 20 years and have found it to be practically maintenance free.

With repeated use it has turned almost black and continues to work well!

I always let my stone cool down before cleaning it.

For every day cleaning, I just wipe the stone, with a slightly damp cloth. This will remove all of the cornmeal or flour that has stuck to the stone. If I have something baked on the stone, like cheese or a piece of dough, I will gently scrape all the residue I can get off  with a spatula.

 If I am unable to get it clean, I will heat the stone in the oven for at  500F+ (260 C) degrees for an hour or more, let the stone cool and then try again to gently scrape the stone. Heating up the stone will burn off anything that has stuck to it.

Then just wipe down with a cloth.

Do not immerse your baking stone in soapy water, 
as the taste of the soap will get into the stone!!!


And there you have it. Simple, easy and straight forward.

If you are interested in taking your pizza to the next level
I highly recommend that you invest in a pizza peel and a
Pizza Stone .

Don't be intimidated about using a pizza stone or peel.
As with anything else it just takes a bit of practice to master.

You can find some great deals on pizza tools here:

 Kitchen Supply Co. 14x16-in. Baking/Pizza Stone and Peel Set

 Best Manufacturers 14-inch by 16-inch Pizza Stone

The art of using a peel will really take you pizza to a new level.
Make sure that you put enough flour or cornmeal underneath your dough so it won't stick.


There are a few things you need to look for when you buy a pizza stone:

1) The warranty. You want your stone to last at least 5-10 years.

2) Look at the thickness of the stone. Your baking stone should be at least 1/2 inch thick.

The following stones fit this category:

Also to find a great updated  listing of pizza related tools and other pizza gear,
 go to this page.


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