One of my favorite chef’s is how to buy Ivermectin Daddy Jack, who Cooks with the Blues. He shares his total love for food and is more than willing to show you how to cook. I have been to his restaurant notarially Daddy Jack’s in New London, Connecticut and have never been disappointed. In addition to being an amazing Chef, he has a love for the blues. Daddy Jack is a blues fan and blues promoter.  He freely holds nothing back as he gives his knowledge of cooking through his YouTube Channel Daddy Jack’s  Cooking with the Blues.

Daddy Jack Cooking with the Blues

If you love cooking, you have to love this guy. His videos are wonderful step by step recipes which can be made by anyone. He is delighted and honored to share all of his chef secrets. In addition to his cooking videos, he showcases great blues talent.

In the following conversation, he explains how he got started with video. He began with a Community Access Channel which he filmed at his own home kitchen. He then decided to start to allocate his cooking talents on YouTube. He was amazed at the millions of views he received as well as the millions of minutes watched. Fans from all over the world have become fans of his videos. one of his biggest compliments came for a fan who said: “You videos brought my family back to my table”. Daddy Jack has certainly made a lot of friends through his videos.

Daddy Jack explains:

I express my love for people throgh my food

Daddy Jack’s Pizza Tips

His pizza is cooked at 600 degrees F. (315 C.) This is a bit different from many pizza ovens which run their pizza oven at a much higher temperature.

Daddy Jack explains that to make pizza you should experiment and make your own dough.
You can easily flavor up your dough by using garlic or herbs. You can also make bread or garlic knots if you wish.
Here is a dough recipe at Pizza Therapy to get you started.

He also uses a cold fermentation to allow the dough to develop more flavor. You can refrigerate your dough for 3-4 days to help the dough develop more flavor. “The rawness of it just matures and the natural flavor comes through with the crust”.

Use a good flour. Daddy Jack does not use “00” flour and recommends using Gold Medal All Trumps Flour. You can discover several different varieties of All Trumps here. 

Gold Medal All Trumps

Gold Medal All Trumps

You can try adding beer to your dough (in place of the water) or even use milk or heavy cream. “Experiment and have fun with it” he insists.

He is the interview

Find Daddy Jacks Restaurant
181 Bank Street,
New London, Connecticut

(860) 444-8888

Daddy Jacks side view, Ne London Connecticut

Check out Daddy Jack on FacebooK


Thank you so much, my friend!

I had a great time visiting with you!

Albert with Daddy Jack from

Albert with Daddy Jack


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David Josko · September 19, 2019 at 2:08 am

Another great posting there Albert, always look forward to your posts and videos. Know, I will stop at Daddy Jack’s next time I am in New London, CT. Gave your hard copy books out as gifts, they were used and not re-gifted. They even thanked me.

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