In the following video, you will see a true comparison between traditional Neapolitan Pizza and New York Pizza. Famed pizza masters buy cheap Seroquel no prescription Tony Gemignani and Enzo Coccia show off their pizza making skills and technique. Two pizza masters go head to head showing you step by step how to make Neapolitan Pizza and New York Style Pizza.

Tony Gemignani works the dough at Pizza Expo
Tony Gemignani, making pizza

Enzo was born in Naples and spreads the joy of making pizza through his pizzeria, cooking school, and pizza demonstrations. Tony  is from California and is the owner of a number of pizzerias including Tony’s Pizza Napoletana as well as a number of Pizza Rocks. Tony also has his own pizza school and has given pizza demonstrations all over the world.

Flour, water, salt, and yeast are the main ingredients of all pizza. The countless combinations are simply incredible. That to me is the total magic of pizza.

The video starts with each one making the dough. Enzo uses the four basic ingredients of flour, water, salt, and yeast. Enzo uses Caputo 00 flour. Tony adds other ingredients including olive oil and malt. Note that Tony is using Caputo Americana

Tony starts by dissolving the yeast in water and then adds the flour and the malt. Tony explains that while Caputo Americana does have some malt he adds a bit more to make sure the pizza will brown in while cooking. Then he blends the flour with the malt separately. Enzo begins by pouring the water in the bowl adding salt and then the fresh yeast. Then he adds the flour. Enzo wants to make sure the flour is totally incorporated into the dough mixture.

Tony begins by making a space for the water in the middle and then adds water around the edge. Tony explains that the more water you use in the dough the crispier the crust. After he adds the water then he will add the salt. after a bit of kneading in the bowl, making sure the salt is mixed in, he adds the olive oil.

Enzo explains while mixing the dough he wants to incorporate some air into the dough. He mixes in a circular technique from the top to the bottom. When the bowl is clean he then puts the dough on the counter. The dough is a little clumpy and Enzo keeps working the dough until it is smooth and elastic. Enzo uses a different kneading technique to prepare the dough. He wants to make sure the dough is oxygenated.

Tony uses a different method of kneading by folding and turning the dough. Tony states once the shine of the oil is gone the dough is almost ready. Tony then balls the dough. Both pizza masters let the dough rest and cover the dough with a damp cloth. Tony then puts the dough in the fridge to proof for 48 hours or longer. Enzo feels that you should allow the dough to rest for at least 6 hours but does not refrigerate it.

A great part of the video is the different methods used to shape the dough. Enzo uses a slapping method to shape his pizza, while Tony uses a stretch and slide process.

The video also shows the two pizza masters finishing off their pizza. Enzo uses whole tomatoes as well as two types of fresh mozzarella. then he puts on fresh basil and pecorino cheese topped with olive oil. the pizza is cooked in a wood-fired oven  806-869 F (430-465C) for 45-50 seconds.

. Tony explains the ingredients the secrets to finishing off the New York-style pizza. He uses tomatoes as well as tomato paste. The spices used are oregano, sea salt, black pepper, and onion powder. an interesting take away is not cooking the sauce. Rather he always the spices to come together naturally in the fridge for 4-8  hours to allow the spices and the sauce to come together naturally.

When making the pizza Tony uses slices of whole milk mozzarella laid down right on the dough and he puts the sauce on top. He says the pizza needs to be a little rustic and not perfect. he cooks the pizza in an oven at 482-572 F (250-300 C) for 8-9 minutes.


Thank you, Enzo! Thank you, Tony, for this incredible pizza lesson!

You can find Tony’s great book The Pizza Bible, here.

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