I am always excited to eat pizza. Combine that with a pizza adventure and you just made my day. A few months ago, at Pizza Expo, I bumped into Scott Wiener. No surprises there. But Scott explained he would be coming to Hawaii for a family vacation. “Maybe we can get together to share a pizza,” he said.

True to his word, he texted me when he arrived. Scott explained he was staying at Ko’olina which is located on the west side of Oahu. “Fantastic”, I thought. I know just the place. “Let’s go the Pizza Corner, it’s very close to where you are staying, plus they have this killer pizza called the Poke Pizza. “Let’s go on Friday,” I explained. “I’ll clear my schedule and we can meet for lunch at about 1:00.” “Let’s do it”.

Monday morning I get a text: “Let’s meet today at 1:00.” “No problem” I replied.

I immediately contacted my friend, owner Frank Mento and explained the plan. Frank explained he would try to be there at 1, but he had a doctor’s appointment earlier in the day.

I arrived at about 12:45, and saw a text from Scott, telling me they would be there a little early. When I walked in the door, there was Scott, his parents, and his girlfriend talking to Frank Mento. “I ordered some pizzas for you,” said Frank.

That was an understatement. Minutes, after I sat down Chef Jerome delivered pizzas to the table.

Chef Jerome delivering pizza

In one hand he carried a Seafood pizza packed with a wild array of incredible fruits of the sea, in the other hand, he had a Kalua pork pizza made with mangoes. he set the pizzas down before us and we were amazed!.

Poke Pizza, Kalua Pork and Seafood Pizza from the Pizza corner

He then motioned us to the counter where he explained he was going to put together a Poke Pizza. I started to salivate. “Let me show you how to make a Poke pizza,” he exclaimed.

He made the pizza base and put furikake (seaweed) on the crust and baked it. When the crust was finished he added the other ingredients.

Then he added

  • Roma tomatoes (Hawaiian lomi style)
  • onions
  • cilantro
  • Hawaiian Salt
  • A secret sauce
  • sesame seeds
  • and Poke

The taste in a word was amazing!

Poke Pizza at the Piza Corner

For clarification, this pizza had no cheese and was served with a secret sauce which was sweet and hot. I was totally blown away!

Up close with a slice of Poke Pizza

Scott and his family enjoyed the pizza as much as I did.

Scott Wiener enjoys a Poke Pizza

Thank you, Frank Mento, and Chef Jerome for this very memorable pizza experience.

Discover wonderful pizza at Ko’olina Center,
The Pizza Corner
92-1047 Olani St,
Kapolei, HI 9670

Scott's Pizza Tours

Scott’s Pizza Tours

And of course, if you have not already, please check out
Scott’s Pizza Tours.
I totally recommend his fun-filled, educational pizza adventure!

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