Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All!

Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter presents:
The Legends of Pizza Volume 1


Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All!

You Will Unlock the Secrets of
Pizza Passion, Pizza Perfection
and Pizza Enlightenment with

Legends of Pizza Volume 1®...

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"I never met a pizza master, especially myself...what I mean by that is pizza is something we never master...and that's what is fantastic about it."
Chris Bianco interviewed by Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter

in the "Legends of Pizza, Volume 1®

Legends of Pizza
® Volume 1
is available now!
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Listen to Chris Bianco from "Legends of Pizza, Volume 1:


Chris Bianco owner of
Pizzeria Bianco


The Legends of Pizza, Volume 1 from

This CD is unlike anything that has ever been done


Nothing like this has been done
 anywhere, anytime by anyone!

Imagine, you can learn the inspiration
of the World's Best pizzaiolo!


"Great Albert!  Absolutely Great!"
Tony Gemignani, World Famous pizzaiolo
 "Seven-Time World  Pizza Champion"
 on the
Legends of Pizza Volume 1®

Get your copy of
 Legends of Pizza®
Volume 1


Actual CD, Legends of Pizza Volume 1. Claim your copy now!


"The Legends of Pizza gave me the opportunity to hear people like Chris, Peter and Gary express their ideas and ideals. I was encouraged that you would have the vision to produce something like Legends of Pizza….I think you started the ball rolling."
Ed LaDou, World Famous Pizzaiolo
, owner of Caiote Pizza Cafe, Studio City California and creator of the pizza menu for Wolfgang Puck and California Pizza Kitchen, on the
Legends of Pizza Volume 1®


"...There is simply no other way to have access to three of the great masters of pizza -
plus it's informative, fascinating, inspiring and fun!!!...

Jon F., noted pizzaiolo on the
Legends of Pizza Volume 1®


  • These Pizza Masters will stimulate you.

  • You will be inspired

  • You will gain knowledge and understanding

  • You will discover "Spiritual Pizza"®


"Hi, Albert. Got it, listened to it, enjoyed it. Nice, thoughtful interviews with three interesting guys...A wonderful document of where pizza is today, where it’s going, and where it’s been. I can honestly say I learned more in one hour than I have in a lifetime of eating the stuff."
Jeff Ruby, author, "Everybody Loves Pizza"
on the Legends of Pizza, Volume 1®


Peter Reinhart is featured in Legends of Pizza transcripts.
Peter Reinhart

Gary Bimonte of Pepe's is interviewed for the Legends of Pizza
Gary Bimonte

Chris Bianco, a true Legend of Pizza share his pizza passion.
Chris Bianco

  • Peter Reinhart, Baker, Author, Pizzaiolo

  • Gary Bimonte, Co-owner of Pepe's Pizza

  • Chris Bianco, Owner of Pizzeria Bianco

  • and Special Bonus Song:
    "Pizza, Pizza" by Joe Dolce.

Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter says:
"Pizza, Pizza,
is my favorite all-time pizza party tune".

Simply unbelievable!

" is a love poem to pizza..."
Peter Reinhart interviewed by Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter
in the Legends of Pizza, Volume 1®


You will uncover these secrets:

  • You will learn as Peter Reinhart explodes the myth of high gluten flour.

  • You will be astounded as Peter Reinhart reveals who really created
    Wolfgang Puck's Pizzas and the California Pizza Kitchen Menu

  • You will listen as Gary Bimonte (Pepe's) discusses for the first time:
    "The Birth of the Clam Pie!"

  • You will discover the true story of Frank Pepe

  • You can find out the biggest change at Pepe's in over 80 years!

  • You will be engaged as Chris Bianco explains his pizza philosophy

  • Chris Bianco will infect you with his pizza passion

  • You will find out Chris Bianco's future plans

and so much more...

"The Legends of Pizza helps us to understand why we all feel so passionate about pizza-- it starts with the passion of those
who make it. How can such a simple, humble food elicit such
passion? Listen to these interviews and you can feel the love.
It's almost as good as eating one of their pizzas (I said almost).."

Peter Reinhart Peter Reinhart, author,
"American Pie: My Search for the Perfect Pizza"

 comments on the
Legends of Pizza, Volume 1®

 Understand, these are home-made recordings. This is not studio quality. There is a bit of snap, crackle, and pop on the CD. The content is, however, incredible. Consider these sessions, "The Other Pizza Tapes."

"...I have to tell you I was absolutely mesmerized. Not only with the interviews but with your comments beforehand. It was suppose to be a two hour ride from Castro Valley to Modesto but I'll tell you it went by in a flash. I insisted on listening to it again and we found ourselves at the hotel parking area listening to the ...interviews." Legends of Pizza Volume 1 "sent a rush of energy through my body and lit a fire under me. I have come back to New York energized and more motivated then I have been in a really long time"
Bruno A. DiFabio
Six Time Medalist World Pizza Games
Master Artisan Pizzaiolo
 on the
Legends of Pizza Volume 1®


 Legends of Pizza ® Volume 1 is like a home-made pizza.
It may be a little rough around the edges, but it is extremely satisfying.


"I purchased the "Legends Of Pizza" CD and enjoy listening
to it often. One can read these interviews, but you do not
appreciate the passion of these pizza greats until you hear
their words. I usually listen to the CD when I am making pizza.
This adds to the pizza making experience.

on the Legends of Pizza, Volume 1®


Each of these pizzaiolo, (Legends of Pizza ®), were forthcoming and conversational.
They shared their philosophies and ideas about making pizza.
Although, they each discussed some pizza techniques and tricks, that was not the intent of these sessions.

"No matter how important we think we are,
 we'll never be more important than the ingredient..."

Chris Bianco interviewed by Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter

in the Legends of Pizza, Volume 1®

I was more interested in the person in front of the pizza oven. I wanted to discuss what makes them do what they do. I wanted to explore other areas of pizza. I wanted to know about Spiritual Pizza®.

"Basically this
guy was number 1 in Reinhart's book (American Pie), Ed Levine's book (A Slice of Heaven) and Jeff Ruby and Penny Pollack's book (Everybody Loves Pizza).
This guy is the Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods of pizza all rolled into one...
 He is so incredibly humble, you will not believe it..."

 Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter on Chris Bianco interviewed about

 the Legends of Pizza, Volume 1®
(Quote also used in official press release.)


Legends of Pizza ® Volume 1 will be unlike anything you have ever heard. You will learn, and explore hidden areas of pizza beliefs and knowledge. Never before have these Legends of Pizza® been given such a forum. You will be inspired. You will smile. You will gain pizza power. You will be engaged. You will discover things about pizza you never knew or imagined.

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 "...Yes, the sound is a bit rough... but the content is great - you did an expert job interviewing these guys, and steering them to topics us Average Joes would like to hear.  Plus, they're all so different:  Peter, the professional chef and author with a fascinating culinary history;  Gary, falling into pizza via the family and trying to keep the family legacy alive (loved the clam pizza origin story); and Chris, the fast talking New Yorker who is the embodiment of passion for the spiritual side of pizza!"
Jon F., noted pizzaiolo on the "Legends of Pizza® Volume 1"


This CD is historical and informative.
Never before has such a project been attempted,
by anyone connected with the pizza business.


"Hi Albert
I'm listening to the CD and enjoying it greatly. What an
excellent idea. I hope this grows for you and that your subscribers send for it. The audio quality came through fine."

Peter Reinhart while listening to The Legends of Pizza Volume 1.


Understand, the recordings are not perfect,
there is some static and crackles.
The CD is, however, very listenable.

"If you are not completely satisfied, with this CD,
for any reason,
I offer a total and complete money-back guarantee.
This is a no questions-asked-iron clad guarantee.


"I did listen to the CD...and did enjoy it very much. Being new to the pizza business it gave me a different perspective on how I want my pizzeria to be recognized. I do hope you do more of these... "
Macaluso's Pizzeria, St. Paul, Minnesota


You must be totally satisfied with
 Legends of Pizza, Volume 1
or your money back...


"...On any given day, your pizza will be different and all I've ever tried to do is do something that has a sense of dignity on a daily basis..."
Chris Bianco interviewed by Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter

in the "Legends of Pizza, Volume 1®

No joke, No hype, No kidding.
I stand by my word and guarantee!
You must be completely satisfied
or you will get a complete refund."
Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter,


"...interesting and insightful..."
Jeremy White,
Editor-in-Chief Pizza Today
, on the Legends of Pizza, Volume 1®


  • Claim Legends of Pizza Volume 1 right now

  • You have to hear it to believe it.

  • Once you hear it, you will believe it!

"I'm a  laaava da "Legends of Pizza" Vol. 1
Thanks for bringing such an inspiring trio of pizza makers to the fore front. And that Dolce song is hilarious"

Ron, Vancouver, B.C. on
the Legends of Pizza, Volume 1®


Let's say you could have access to the Legends of Pizza ®.
What would it cost you to have a pizza conversation with
Peter Reinhart, Gary Bimonte and Chris Bianco?

$400 per hour? $500 per hour $600 per hour?

The Legends of Pizza ® is not
 $400, $500 or even $600.
It is not even $100.


"Dear Albert,
  I just finished listening to Legend of Pizza Wow I  really think you have a winner here  That you were able to get these three guys to, talk
to you is amazing... And I do not think it needs to be cleaned up, it came  out loud and clear."

My Mom, Mrs. Gloria Grande
the Legends of Pizza, Volume 1®






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"Pizza on Earth...Good Will to All!"


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