This is an extraordinary video by The New Yorker on where to order Pregabalin online Dom Demarco. He loves what he does. He loves making pizza.

In the following video, he explains how people have offered to buy him out many times. He turned all of them down. They offered more money, and he still turned them down.

He loves what he does. He is in it for the love of pizza. He is extraordinary.

Thank you, Dom.

DiFara Crust

DiFara Crust

Dom Demarco getting ready to make pizza!

Dom Demarco getting ready to make pizza!

“You gotta do with you heart, you see. If you no like it, don’t do it. That”s it. That’s how I look at things, you know.”

Dom is truly one of the legendary pizza makers. He shows his heart is in the pizza he creates. He started making pizza in Brooklyn, where no other pizzeria existed. As a matter of fact, the neighborhood was predominantly Jewish. He was told he would not succeed. He was laughed at.

Now Dom has the last laugh. His pizzeria is world famous. On the particular Sunday, we were there, standing in line, we meet people from all over the United States as well as tourists from Japan, China, and Canada who were waiting in line. In front of us were four people who had driven over from Staten Island.

Dom was totally unassuming as he made pizza for the crowd. Because there was no additional help behind the counter, there was this sign:

DiFara sign

DiFara sign

Dom did not talk as he made pie after pie. He would use a pizza peel to put the pies in the oven. He would turn the pizza once or twice with his hands and then he would take the pizza out by hand.

His son would handle all of the orders. He took the order. He would handle all of the cash. They worked well together. They rarely spoke and it almost seemed they knew what each other was thinking.

Here is what I saw when I went to DeMarco’s.


I was honestly amazed at the taste. The pizza is very thin crusted. As you take your first bite you know you have just had something totally spectacular. The taste is indescribable. Simple yet so much more than just a slice of pizza.

He is my video review of DiFara’s.


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