This is a review of the Mighty Pizza Stone. This is a product developed by Bert Touma. Bert had invented The Might Pizza Oven which I use regularly to make pizza on my gas grill. Unfortunately, The Mighty Pizza Oven is currently out of production.

Bert was excited about his latest product which was developed to create a perfect crust on a gas grill or charcoal grill.

Problems with Grilling Pizza

On many occasions when I have cooked pizza on an outdoor grill, the biggest problem is the crust cooks much faster than the top of the pizza. You can end up with a burnt crust while the top of the pizza is not fully cooked.

The issue is that the pizza stone will overheat turning your crust into charcoal. I have experienced this on many occasions. But it seems my problem has now been solved.

pizza on a gas grill

The Mighty Pizza Stone is a way to cook pizza on a grill without burning the crust. The stone is mounted in a metal frame. In addition, the pizza is raised off the frame or heat diffuser. The stone can be adjusted to find your own sweet spot.

You can use the Mighty Pizza Stone on a gas grill, and you can also use it to cook pizza on a charcoal grill.

I was using a Gas Grill, which I have used many times in the past to make pizza.

Quite often the crust of the pizza burned before the top cooked. This was frustrating as I had to lift the pizza with a peel off the stone, so it wouldn’t burn.

When I used the Mighty Pizza Stone, the pizza came out great.

The crust cooked perfectly with no burn. The bottom of the pizza was done will with leopard spots. I felt the crust cooked perfectly. When I grill pizza this is my go-to tool. I will not grill pizza without it.

Here is my video review:

I used the Mighty Pizza Stone right out of the box and was extremely impressed.

If you want to cook pizza on a grill the Mighty pizza stone is for you.

I recommend this product without reservation.

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