Mark Bello of Pizza A Casa

Mark Bello of Pizza A Casa

I was fortunate enough to visit Hungary Pizza A Casa , this past Summer. Ivermectin buy cheap Pizza A Casa means House of Pizza and that is exactly what it is. Run by pizza fanatic Mark Bello and assisted by pizza expert, Neil, this place teaches the art of pizza in a simple step by step  method.

The class is really a hands on work shop where would be pizza makers are taught to make very reliable pizza. The work stations are well laid out and allow you to work on your own pizza creation from scratch. Once you get started making pizza there is no holding back.

You start by making your own dough and then allow it to proof a bit before you are ready to make pizza. Mark throws in a lot of power packed pizza tips as well as expanding your knowledge of the history of pizza and allowing you to work on your own pizza progress.

The workshop is a totally self-contained pizza store. As a matter of fact, there are enough pizza ingredients and pizza supplies that you could probably open several pizzerias. And quite honestly I’m surprised Mark is not selling slices out the back door.

Pizza Class Pic at Pizza A Casa

Pizza Class Pic at Pizza A Casa

Lucky for us, he has chosen to expand the knowledge base of pizza. He does so gently but firmly. He wants to pack in everything you need to know before you leave and start creating pizzas on your own.

One of the more interesting features at Pizza a Casa is The Dough Cam, you can find out more about it in the following video:


For more information:

Pizza a Cassa
371 Grand St, New York, NY 10002
(212) 228-5483

Pizza A Casa exclusively uses:
Sur La Table Baking Steel


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