In the United States, we celebrate Thanksgiving on this day. The day is one for friends and family to get together sharing a special time to give thanks.

I have a number of very extraordinary Thanksgiving memories. When I was young, all members of the family would gather for a very special feast. In our family, there was always an adult table and a kids table. This was simply because there was not enough room for everyone to sit at the same table.

When you were old enough you were able to move up to the adult’s table. Yes, that was quite a big deal when that happened.

Turkey would be served of course, with cranberry sauce, mashed sweet and regular potatoes, all types of vegetables and more. Being from an Italian Family there would also be ethnic foods as well. You could always count on lasagna, antipasto with Italian cold cuts, cheeses, as well as fruits and nuts. On more than one occasion my grandmother would serve a suckling pig.

We would feast and stories would be told, arguments would happen, jokes would be told and lots of laughter and good old family fun.

These days I celebrate with my own family. I think back to those other Thanksgivings and smile.

I want to wish all the best to you and your family on this day.

Yola Happy Thanksgiving. And blessings to you and your family.

Some people now celebrate the Holiday by shopping.

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Thanks so much for being part of my own journey.

Stay well, pizza on earth,

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pizzatherapy · November 24, 2018 at 12:58 am

Doplh shares the following:

“As an Italian, I have many of the same memories as to about Thanksgiving dinner, excluding a suckling pig. Being from New Haven, I also remember that on Thanksgiving Eve we would go to Pepe’s, stand in line for hours to have apizza.”

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