Text Messaging:
A Unique Restaurant / Bar
Marketing Strategy from Pizza Therapy


Text Messaging is one of the easiest and cost effective ways to
stay in touch with your customers...

We have found an excellent and affordable  (under $75 a month) Unlimited Text Message Marketing (Text Message Coupon) program. FREXTR text programs are as good as magnets in creating an excellent repeat customer retention program.  If used regularly it can increase customer return rate and daily sales. 
A good deal at the regular price, the referral code
ALTXT25 will get you a permanent discount and a number of other things to help get going.

Go to www.frextr.com to register. and make sure you use the discount code:

Program Highlights:

You have complete and exclusive control of your list, unlimited access and unlimited use. Send as many text coupons and offers as you want each month with no additional fees! The Frextr FLAT RATE of $67.45 per month covers everything.
The monthly rate will not increase over time as long as your account remains active.

Once you register your keyword the following will come to you to help get your text message marketing program up and running:
* 1,000 double laminated pass along cards will arrive about two weeks after your register your keyword.
* Shortly there after 2 Push/Pull stickers that announce the text message program will arrive.
* Forward-able email to introduce your text message program to existing email list clients.
* Email with instructions to help turn twitter and facebook followers to text coupon users.
* Email "owner's manual" to the Frextr program.

There is no contract term.
There are no limitations on the number of users or the frequency of messages sent.
Users opt in and opt out instantly.
You can track your program in real time 24/7 via the browser based application.
Messages are schedule-able years ahead of time in five minute increments.
Use one Keyword for all your locations or give each manager their own at just $67.45 each and each manager will get the whole package as listed for each keyword registered.

Check out the details in the attached PDF file or go to www.frextr.com to register. 
Either way remember to use the 
ALTXT25 referral code to get the ongoing discount.

Download the pdf file Click Here.
(Right click and save to your hard drive...)

Use the  ALTXT25 referral code to get the ongoing discount.

Enjoy success!

pizza on earth,

Albert Grande
The Pizza Promoter
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