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Pepperoni Secrets from Darren Ezzo of Ezzo Sausage and Pepperoni

According to Darren Ezzo, of The Ezzo Sausage Company, the Secret to Pepperoni is that there are no pepperoni secrets. The Ezzo’s have been making sausage and pepperoni for generations. Darren stated: Just like most things there really is no secret to pepperoni.   “It’s just that simple” He went on to explain when Ezzo Sausage […]

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Peter Reinhart and Chef Leo Create Pizza Magic at Pizza Expo

In this video Chef Leo Spizzirri, is interviewed by Peter Reinhart at Pizza Expo. He is creating a Tart Flambe’ which could be considered a French version of pizza. He made a sauce using crème fresh, egg yolks a little coriander and white pepper.  The coriander is a seed that is ground up. This taste […]

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Peter Reinhart Talks Great Pizza at Pizza Expo

Reinhart Speaks About Pizza and Bread One of my highlights of going to Pizza Expo was being able to have conversations with Peter Reinhart. Over the course of several days, I had multiple conversations with Peter and learned from each one. I like to think we started a long conversation many years ago that just […]

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Slice Out Hunger Interview with Scott Wiener at Pizza Expo

If you are a pizza shop owner or just a pizza fan, you can make a difference in your community to to try help the hungry. In the following interview Scott Wiener talks about Slice Out Hunger and the impact it can have on a local community. Form the Sice Out Hunger website, here is […]

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Brick Fire Tavern, Authentic Neapolitan Pizza in Honolulu

True story: I’m at Pizza Expo, at the end of a seminar. I literally bump into this guy while getting a cup of coffee. “Where you from I ask?” “Honolulu” he replies. “I’m from Honolulu, too” I say. Well, needless to say we struck up a conversation. His name is Matt and he explained he and […]

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Norma Knepp Shocks the Pizza World at the Caputo Cup

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Everyone loves a great story. If the story is about pizza you got my attention. Here is a wonderful story about a once a week pizza maker who became a champion! Norma Knepp is a pizza champion. She is a self-taught pizza maker. She was able to research how to make pizza by looking on-line, […]

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