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What is a Grandma Pizza?

The Grandma Pizza gets no respect. This pizza style has been given a small footnote in the history of pizza. There are several noted pizza experts who are now trying to give the Grandma the honor this pizza style deserves. We know there are many regional styles of pizza. Pizza friend Adam Kuban in a classic […]

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Dom Demarco on DiFara’s and Pizza

This is an extraordinary video by The New Yorker on Dom Demarco. He loves what he does. He loves making pizza. In the following video, he explains how people have offered to buy him out many times. He turned all of them down. They offered more money, and he still turned them down. He loves what […]

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Dom DeMarco Making Pizza at Di Fara’s Pizza

One of the most amazing experiences I have had was to visit Brooklyn with the express purpose of going to Di Fara’s Pizza experiencing Dom DeMarco in action. I was very curious to know why his pizza is legendary. Was the pizza as good as I had heard or was this just ordinary every day […]

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Tony Gemignani Explains How Caputo Americana Flour Was Developed

Claim Caputo Americana right here.   Caputo Flour “00” is known for making some of the finest pizza flour in the world. The only problem is that this flour is ideal for classic Neapolitan Pizza in wood fired oven, gas or electric ovens and requires a very high temperature. Great for Neapolitan Pizza, not so […]

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Slice Out Hunger, October 5, 2016, NYC

Slice Out Hunger a charity pizza event is happening in New York City on Wednesday October 5, 2016 at 155 Sullivan St (at Houston) in Soho. Slice out Hunger is having their annual dollar a slice night, in order to raise money for the hungry in New York. One hundred per cent of the profits go directly to […]

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Best Pizza in America: 2015

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The die has been cast. There is no going back…The votes have been cast… The results are in! Who makes the Best Pizza in America? The Daily Meal Knows…. The Daily Meal finished tabulating their list for the 101 Best Pizzas in America. This has turned into an annual event for the gang at The […]

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