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Dom DeMarco Makes Pizza

Dom DeMarco is truly one of the Living Legends of Pizza. He is genuine and unassuming. He makes each pizza lovingly by hand. He builds a pizza and uses as a peel to place the pizza in the oven. Then he reaches into the oven with his hand to check on the pizza with his […]

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Dom Demarco on DiFara’s and Pizza

This is an extraordinary video by The New Yorker on Dom Demarco. He loves what he does. He loves making pizza. In the following video, he explains how people have offered to buy him out many times. He turned all of them down. They offered more money, and he still turned them down. He loves what […]

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Dom DeMarcoMarco of DiFara Pizza Interview and American Test Kitchen Pizza

In a very rare interview, Dom Demarco of DiFara Pizza. Here is a modified dough recipe which tries to recreate the amazing pizza made by Dom DeMarco dough recipe… 16.5 oz bread flour (12-13 percent protein) 2 tspns sugar 1/2 teaspoon yeast 1 and 1/3 cup ice cold water ice cold water Let sit for […]

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