Pizza Therapy, Super Bad?

Is, Super Bad?
My mom was not a famous pizzaiolo. She was a simple Italian woman, daughter of Immigrants, who learned to make simple home-made pizza: nothing more-nothing less.
And that's how I learned to make pizza. Simple, easy, peasant food...

(You can read the entire story here: An Immigrant's Tale...)

I have never pretended to have the best pizza recipe. I never pretended to be an expert. I am not an elitist or a purist. I will gladly share my recipe with whoever asks. There are many roads to pizza enlightenment. I am following a simple path.

All I want, is for everyone to share in the magic of pizza. Celebrate the passion of pizza. Because making pizza is a celebration. And you know what? Even you pizza purists, are welcome to come to my table. You can have a slice of pizza, maybe two.

No, I do not exclude anyone who does things differently from me. I celebrate them. I honor them. I would never do things any other way.

 So you kind of missed the point of, welcomes everyone, of all abilities, all races, all nationalities, all creeds, all religions. This includes people who use regular table salt, and sugar in their pizza recipe. People who don't know how to spell, can also come. Even you, pizza purists, are welcome.

I have only tried to be true to myself and honest to all the visitors of
Please feel free to visit anytime. But remain in your Pizza Heaven, if you must.

I do want to welcome you back to Anytime.

I will gladly feature your pizza recipe and secrets in the ezine:
Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter's Pizza News. Let me know...

Remember: "Pizza on Earth...Good Will to All!"

As the penguins said in "Madagascar":
"Smile and wave, boys, smile and wave."
I'm smiling. I'm waving.

To contact me:
Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter

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