Pizza on Earth, Good Wiil to All!

Star Trek Pizza Cutter (Pizza Wheel)
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Pizza on Earth, Good Wiil to All!

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We have recently discovered a brand new pizza wheel, in the shape of the Enterprise from Star Trek.

Who would think that you could merge Star Trek's Enterprise with pizza?

There are many ways to cut a pizza. You can use a pizza wheel or pizza cutter. We have always used the Oxo SteeL Pizza Wheel. It does a great job.

A friend had told me about the Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter, and honestly, I did not believe him.

I had to get one and I was glad I did. The craftsmanship is superb. It really is the Star Trek Enterprise in your hand. It is accurate down to the little details that make this memorable star ship. Even the pizza cutter itself has the code of the Star Trek.

While this is not my every day pizza cutter, I have used it a number of times as a pizza tradition, whenever there is a Trekkie in the crowd. It always gets a roar of approval from everyone present.

On the video lower on this page, you can watch me cut as I put it through its paces. I went to one of my favorite pizzerias, and ordered the pizza uncut.

The pizzaiolo looked at me very strangely, until I took my Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter out of the box. Then he gave me a knowing knod and a smile...

I knew he would be ordering one the next day....

We just found the answer, here:


If Captain Kirk and Spock were making pizza there is no doubt they would be using this pizza cutter.

Claim the Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter NOW!

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter from Pizza Therapy

Click below for the
Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

If you are a Star Trek fan this is a must have one-of-a-kind pizza tool.

If you know a Star Trek fan, this is a must have gift!

This was crafted with infinite detail. It is not only a beautiful pizza tool but also an amazing way to cut and serve pizza! Pizza Therapy endorses this product.

The Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter is simply outstanding! Get one and give two as a gift.

 Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Pizza Therapy's demo video of the Pizza Wheel in action: 

How about a Star Trek Bottle Opener?

Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener

Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener

Imagine yourself in a diplomatic situation. There you are, emissary for the Federation to the Romulan Star Empire. Your duplicitous host offers you a bottle of his oldest and finest vintage of Ale. The greenish-blue liquor seems to glow with the promise of good times, laughter, and the feeling of brains bashed in and served on wheat toast in the morning. Being a properly trained Federation Officer, you know the ritual for the first pour: The bottle is offered to the guest, the guest inspects, approves and opens the bottle, and fills his host's glass. You dutifully take the cool bottle, and realize with horror that the cap is a pry-off, not a twist-off, and that you have no implement with which to open it. In a panic, you wonder if breaking your teeth would be considered bad-form. Your host's guarded smirk becomes a glower and a glare. Ambassadors are recalled, and soon you're left with fleets of starships poised at the border with photons loaded and phasers charged because you forgot a simple bottle opener. Way to go, ass. Next time, have one of these on hand. Handy and stunning, these chromed-out beauties do quick-work on bottles while still screaming Federation. They feel heavy in your hands, like a good phaser, so if diplomatic relations fail you, you can always chuck 'em at your hosts' heads as a weapon. Don't do that with the Klingons, though. They're more likely to laugh at you. Thick skulls, don't-you-see.

Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener

Claim your Star Trek Bottle Opener!


Get the original Star Trek Series: 


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Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

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 Think Geek Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

  Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

And there you have it. Simple, easy and straight forward.

If you are interested in taking your pizza to the next level
I highly recommend that you invest in a pizza peel and a
Pizza Stone .

Don't be intimidated about using a pizza stone or peel.
As with anything else it just takes a bit of practice to master.

You can find some great deals on pizza tools here:

How about Star Trek the
 Next Generation?

The Original Star Trek Series:


Click Below for the
Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter


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