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1. The Top Ten Questions to Ask
Before You Buy A Pizza Business

2.  Bland Pizza Dough Issues

 3. Excerpt from Legends of Pizza Volume 1 and 2 eBook




1. The Top Ten Questions to Ask
Before You Buy A Pizza Business

Wayne writes:

Albert, I am interested in purchasing a pizza shop. I just purchased your CD Legends of Pizza, Volume 1.

What are the top ten questions you would ask the
owner who is selling his pizza business?
Best regards.

My response:

This is a great question. I would ask the following:

1) How do you make your pizza?

2) How much do you gross?

3) How much do you net?

4) What are your expenses?

5) Why are you selling the business?  Link to the rest of my answers is below.

pizzaprices added:

Who will own the name ? Will the owner sign a 12 month, 25 mile radius non-compete contract ? Who will own the recipes ? Does all the equipment stay put ? The local health department records should be checked. Do the sanitary or storm sewers ever back up ? Do a search for local flood history. What shape is the roof in ?

To discover all of the answers check out this link:
 HERE. The Pizza Therapy Forum

Also check out the Pizza Therapy Pizza Business Page.


2.  Bland Pizza Dough Issues


Tom's pepperoni and sausage and margherita pizza
Tom's Pepperoni and Sausage and Margherita

Here is a picture of my latest ďtryĒ. One is pepperoni & sausage and the other is Margherita
For some reason my crust was VERY bland? Any suggestions??


My response:

Great question, Tom.

The first thing I would ask is, which dough recipe are you using?

Did you remember to put salt in the dough?

Here is a great tip Peter Reinhart gave me:

Make your dough the day before and let it proof in your fridge.

If you want to see a video of me making my pizza dough,
go to this link:


Does anyone have any other suggestions for Tom?

You can respond >>right here<<

Please come and check out The Forum.
It has really turned into quite a wonderful pizza community...


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3. Excerpts from Legends of Pizza Volume 1 and 2 eBook


 The Legends of Pizza project is my way of taking pizza to the next level.  I wanted to know what kind of knowledge and inspiration I could find by interviewing the most talented pizzaiolo or pizza makers in the world. 

Join me as I discuss pizza in the
Legends of Pizza Volume 1 and 2 eBook

From The Chris Bianco interview.

Chris Bianco of Pizzeria Bianco, is probably the most celebrated pizzaiolo in the United Sates. He has been featured in American Pie, by Peter Reinhart. He was named the number one pizzaiolo by Ed Levine in "A Slice of Heaven"

Chris discusses pizza:

"You know, itís the first food we eat after little league.  Itís the first food that we can really identify with and something that is our own.  I think for me it was that very basic premise of simplicity, a way of life.  Since it is home thatís the way I do things.  There is something in that way. 

  Itís just taking something from a very meager ingredient and be able to satiate your friends and family and just getting that kind of immediate response or something.  On top of that it was you know, a food, and this happens in a lot of cases, that as a kid that was the first food outside of our homes... "

From the Tony Gemignani Interview

What can you say about Tony G.? Pizza is his passion, pizza is his life. He is an 8-Time World Pizza Champion as well as a Guiness Book of World Records holder. He has had numerous television appearances. He authored the best selling pizza cook book, pizza with Diane Morgan. The guy is all over the pizza map.

Tony Discusses his pizza roots:

 "You know I grew up in Fremont, California on a farm actually.  My grandpa was a big Italian farmer.  We lived with our grandpa; a typical Italian family.  I never knew I was going to get into pizza. 

Food was a big part of our life.  We were on apricot orchards, cherry orchards, and fava beans.  Italians call them horse beans.  I grew up around food all the time especially watching my mom cook.  That was a pretty big part of my life.  I always tell everybody about that.  Like if it had garlic in it, then it had a lot of garlic.  If it was spicy, it was really spicy.  In the taste of the kitchen, your taste really comes from someone usually and that came from my mom. 

My brother worked at a couple of pizzerias when he was sixteen, seventeen, and eighteen years old.  I ended up, god when he was twenty-two, he had the idea of opening up his own.  We went to our dad.  I was getting out of high school, and I had no clue what I was going to do.  He said, ďLetís do it together.Ē

 Some of the recipes and knowledge he knew of a couple of pizzerias that he worked at, he ended up opening up Pyzanoís in 1991.  Thatís where I started at.  We soon became partners right after that.  We started in 1991.  I would say the first pizza I threw was in 1991.  I was the thrower.  My brother was the guy who worked the oven.  We had a bus boy and delivery driver at the same time back then because it was slow like any independent is when they first open.  We found Castro Valley which was about half an hour from Fremont.  It just really took off every since 1991.  It just kept going, going, and going..." 


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Albert's Mushroom and Cheese Pizza


I want to personally,
thank you so much for your support.


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