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Sally's Apizza
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     Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All! is not affiliated with Sally's!
(We just love their pizza!)

Sally's Apizza 
on Wooster Street, New Haven, Connecticut!
There is lots of debate: which pizza is better,
or Sally's?

For my latest review of Sally's visit my blog here
In Memoriam: Flo Consiglio Passes Away.
Flo was the heart and soul of Sally's. She had a a booth near the register where she would
add up each receipt, for every pizza that came out of the oven.
She was loved by the all of the loyal customer's who came to Sally's year after year.
Many family memories were created at Sally's around a fresh out  of the oven pizza.

Here is Pizza Therapy's Tribute Video:


Story in the New Haven Register
Here is a video from WTNH:


You can see my exclusive interview with
Flo Consiglio of Sally's Apizza,
See the Sally's Video Click Me


Sally's Apizza, Wooster Street, New Haven Connecticut
The legendary sign at Sally's Apizza!

According to Tony Consiglio, co-founder of Sally's, if Frank Sinatra was in New York he sometimes  would have his "driver go to New Haven and pick up a few pizzas from Sally's...
Mozzarella with pepperoni was Frank's favorite, but once in a while he'd have one with clams."
(One way from  New York to New Haven is almost 2 hours!)
(Franz Douskey, Yankee Magazine July & August 2000)

In the same article Tony Consiglio says: "In April 1938, my mother, my brother Sally (Salvatore), and I opened a pizza restaurant on Wooster Street. My mother wanted to call the restaurant Sally's and Tony's. To have a beer permit, you had to be 21. My brother was 21. I was 19." That's how Sally's was named!


Here is what happened on a recent visit:

"Our order was taken by Rick Consiglio (Salvatore's son). We ordered a large white clam, a large bacon and mushroom as well as an anchovy and fresh tomato. The crust was extremely thin and cooked to perfection! 
I must admit this was some of the best pizza I have ever eaten in my life!

Albert Grande with Rick Consiglio at Sally's Apizza.
Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter with Rick Consiglio, at Sally's Apizza!

We arrived early, (they open at 5:00 P.M.), and we were glad we did. If you don't want to wait in line for hours, go early! We were also treated to a potato and onion pizza made by Bobby Consiglio, (Sally's other son). Don't look for it on the menu, but if you ask nice, maybe Bobby will make one for you!"

Make sure you tell their mom, Flora (Sally's widow), Rick and Bobby "hello" from!

The crew at Sally's Pizza on Wooster St., New Haven, CT
The crew at Sally's, Wooster Street, New Haven, CT!
(Note coal oven in back.)

Sally's Apizza is legendary pizza!
 Sally's fans are loyal! 
As one pizza lover told me as we waited in line:
"I just drove up from New York City (about 2 hours)...
this is like coming to "the holy land of Pizza"

Making a pizza at Sally's Apizza!
Making a pizza at Sally's Apizza!


"The Line" at Sally's Apizza!
"The Line" at Sally's Apizza!

Sally's Apizza
 237 Wooster Street, New Haven, CT 06511-5752
Tel. 203 624-5271
Map to Sally's:
Click Here!
Closed Mondays
T, W, Th., Fri., Sat. : 5:00 PM-10:30 PM
Sunday: 5:00 PM-10:00 PM

 Of course Pepe's Pizza located on the Wooster Street, is equally fantastic! 
I refuse to even get involved in the argument as to who is better!
  Sally's Apizza! and Pepe's Pizza!  
as both are incredible pizza experiences that can be found no where else on the entire planet!

If you love pizza, you got to go to Wooster Street in New Haven, Connecticut!

Incredible pizza at Sally's!
Incredible pizza at Sally's!

You want more of Sally's?
Read What Sally's Fans Say!



The Sally's Family: The Consiglio's

Ruth, Rick, Bobby and Flo Consiglio:
The Sally's Apizza Family!

Read my blog post about Sally's Apizza:
 Sally's Apizza A Family Affair


Sally and Flo Consiglio, Sally's Apizza 1938-2008 70 years
Salvatore and Flo Consiglio
Photo courtesy: Jeff Zudek

You can see my exclusive interview with
Flo Consiglio of Sally's Apizza,
See the Sally's Video Click Me


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