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Crockpot Cooking - Advantages and Disadvantages
by: tony buel
In my 'un-biased' opinion, the crockpot / slow cooker is one of the most
convenient and easy to use appliances in my kitchen. The time savings
features of the slow cooker and the delicious dinners that have resulted
more than offset any minor drawbacks.

Before I list my top reasons why the crockpot is the most useful appliance
in any kitchen, I will list a few of the areas where it does not perform
as well.

- Large cuts of meat such as boneless prime rib or leg of lamb are still
best when oven roasted.

- Except for stews and chowders, the slow cooker does not cook fish very

- The slow cooker collects a lot of the juices since the steam does not
escape during cooking and these juices can become diluted and watery,
which can affect the flavoring of the food.

- If not careful, a slow cooker can overcook food -especially some of
the more tender meats and poultry.

These drawbacks are relatively minor compared to the positives which
I will list now.

- The slow cooker needs virtually no tending while it cooks, freeing you
up to do other chores or recipes.

- The slow cooker will tenderize less expensive, tough cuts of meat and
make great stews out of them.

- The slow cooker allows you to be out of the kitchen for extended periods
of time -sometimes even all day.

- Burning your food is rarely a problem. The slow cooker will make many
dishes for you better than any other appliance -especially those that tend
to stick to the bottom of a pan.

In my opinion the slow cooker is one of the most under-utilized and yet
superior of kitchen appliances. When used for what it does best, you will
find that you are able to prepare great dishes in less time than you thought

About the author:
Tony has been working diligently to provide
free cooking related resources for the chef
in all of us. His website
is a labor of love which provides delicious and easy
to make crockpot recipes and related tips and advice.

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