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1.  What's New: The Mini Pizza Therapy  Pizza Book

2. Legends of Pizza Update

3. "Bakers Pizza" or Sicilian Pizza

4. Who Makes the Best Pizza and Sushi Therapy?

5. Italian Food Videos

6. Pizza on Ebay


1.  What's New:

The mission of this website has always been to spread the word about pizza.

The joys of making pizza and the joys of eating pizza.

In keeping with the undertaking of Pizza Therapy, I have created a Mini version of the Pizza Therapy Pizza Book.

It contains the latest version of the World Famous Pizza Dough Recipe for Pizza Therapy as well as several of my most popular recipes.

You can download your copy right here.

The only thing I ask is that you share it with as many people as possible.

Help me continue the mission.

Download is below:

To save the file to your computer, "Right-Click" on the link below that says
.pdf, and choose "Save As"
from the pop-up menu, and select a location on your computer to save it to.

Right Click and Save:

The Mini Pizza Therapy Pizza Book

Please share The Mini Pizza Therapy Pizza Book with everyone you know!

Problems? No problem!

Email me at

2. Legends of Pizza Update

Brian Spangler, of Apizza Scholls a Legend of pizza.
Brian Spangler

Tony Gemignani, Seven time World Pizza Champion and Legend of Pizza.
Tony Gemignani

Ed Ladou, of Caiote Pizza Cafe, is a Legend of Pizza
Ed LaDou

Peter Reinhart is featured in Legends of Pizza transcripts.
Peter Reinhart

Gary Bimonte of Pepe's is interviewed for the Legends of Pizza
Gary Bimonte

Chris Bianco, a true Legend of Pizza share his pizza passion.
Chris Bianco

I have made some updates at the Legends of Pizza website.

You will find some extraordinary videos of the Legends in action

You can uncover incredible stories and excerpts from the Legends of Pizza Series including:

  1. The Birth of The Clam Pizza by Gary Bimonte

  2. Watch Chris Bianco make a pizza before your eyes

  3. Tony Gemignani is in England and tells his pizza secrets

  4. An hour long video of
    Peter Reinhart from a Google conference where he discusses whole wheat flours...

  5. A fascinating and touching video of Ed LaDou here.

You really need to check it out:

Legends of Pizza 


3. "Bakers Pizza" or Sicilian Pizza

Walt writes:

I am looking for what I believe is a pizza they sell back in New York called "Bakers Pizza" or Sicilian Pizza. It is thicker, and usually with cheese and sauce only.

 It is cooked in a rectangle bakers pan. There is a place on the internet called :Nirchi's Pizza that sells it. I am trying to make it at home and the recipe I have is not even close.

Also, I am use to the NY thin pizza that somehow comes out crip yet "chewy with a texture." It may be their 700 degree oven. Maybe they don't add oil...I don't know; very frustrating.


My Response:

My response:

Hey Walt, thanks for writing.  That's a great question. I went to and their pizza looks great.

I do not know how to make "Bakers Pizza" or Sicilian Pizza.

My friend Peter Reinhart in his book, American Pie
states he can de-construct any pizza just by tasting it.
He offers many different kinds of recipes and there may be one in his book that is close.

You can also contact Nirchis directly to see if they will send you the recipe, althouhg I know that is a long shot.

Maybe somone here in the forum has any ideas?

Can anyone help?

thanks in advance

Can you please post your answer at the Forum?

Here is the link:    Baker's Pizza



4. Who Makes the Best Pizza?

This is a true tale of a recent pizza occurrence.... Here's what happened:

I was recently interviewed by a food goddess for a radio show. The topic was pizza, of course.

The conversation was going great as we discussed toppings, crusts and the best ingredients to use. I gave way all of my inside secrets. I held nothing back.

I told her where to find my pizza videos. (Find how to make pizza here.) I explained where to find the best prices for pizza tools. I even revealed how she could get some extra crunch and snap to her pizza dough.

She then asked who I thought made the best pizza. I explained that I liked my own pizza.

"No" she said, "What pizzeria made the best pizza?"

Read the Rest of the story at:

The Pizza Therapy Pizza Blog

(Make sure you read about Sushi Therapy at this Post )




5. Italian Food Site

I've totally redesigned my Italian Food site.

Lots of videos, more information, more resources.

Discover how to make Tiramisu

Tuscan Italian Food

Please visit and comment...

6. Pizza On Ebay....

You need to discover ebay for the latest deals for all things pizza.

I am quite amazed at all of the items that are listed. you need to take a peek.

All you have to do is hover your mouse over each section
for a preview of the amazing pizza deals on ebay...



Please feel free to comment at my latest website:
Here is the link:

Italian Food

Please comment! I would be very grateful.

Also please check out:

Kitchen Remodeling Tips and Tricks

Ping Pong: An Incredible Game

Discover: "The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book" by Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter



That's all the "Pizza News!", for now...

Please share Pizza News with all of your

friends and family...

"Pizza on Earth,
Good Will to All"

Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter


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