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          I had my first pizza party over twenty years ago; right after my mom shared her pizza recipe with me.
The family was together for the holidays. Food and family go hand in hand.

I purchased all of the ingredients including a food thermometer. With the help of my mom and brothers, I mixed everything together and kneaded my first dough.

My Dad, who had made many pizzas and hosted countless pizza parties,
 in the past, just sat back and let me take over.

I immediately made two pepperoni pizzas. The pizzas were gobbled up amid rave reviews. I knew I was on to something.


The Pizza Therapy Pizza Party Book

I continued with that original recipe, making pizza for friends and family. I tweaked it, changed it, and added to it. I now have a solid recipe. Friends who would taste my pizza, always asked for the recipe. I was happy to share it with them.

As a teacher, I would incorporate my pizza skills in an end of the year event for my students. I would facilitate pizza parties. My students loved making pizza. Soon I began to have the reputation as “the pizza man.” I started to make pizza all year round.

Year after year, as soon as school started they begged me to make pizza. I was happy to make pizza. They were happy to help make pizza. We were happy to eat the pizza.

Before I knew it, I had developed a website about pizza: ( The website has taken on a life of its own. has been featured on the web, newspapers, magazines, television, radio, and three books. The books, American Pie: My Search for the Perfect Pizza by Peter Reinhart, Pizza: A Slice of Heaven!  by Ed Levine,  and Everybody Loves Pizza by are highly recommended for anyone who loves pizza.

I have continued to make countless pizzas over the years. I have shared pizza demos and parties with groups of over 100 pizza fanatics to a group as small as two. As a matter of fact, I made pizza for my wife on our first date. She calls it a “Pizza Pick-up” but that is for another book.

I have taken my pizza party on the road and I have made pizza in my own kitchen. I have made pizza in a pizza pan, pizza stone, hearthkit, and barbeque grill. I once grilled pizza on a beach in Hawaii for a graduation party. We grilled 16 pizzas in one sitting.

I have made pizza to an inspired and enthusiastic group of senior citizens. (They took up a collection for me after I finished!) My “pizza skills and knowledge” have been auctioned off as a pizza party for pre-school students as a fund raiser.

I have made pizza for 4H Clubs, Boy and Girl Scouts, science, history, English, math and cooking classes. I have had pizza parties for the entire staff of my high school. I have made pizza for entire departments at other high schools. I have given demonstrations in elementary, intermediate, high schools, community colleges and a psychiatric residential treatment center.

I have hosted countless pizza parties for friends and relatives. I have made pizza for birthdays and holidays. I have made pizza upon request, and I have made pizza just for the fun of it.


Each party was distinctive; each one was a different color and flavor. Each was an inspired and memorable event. Each one was, wonderful.

With each pizza experience, I learned a bit more. I made many, many, mistakes. (Yes, I still make mistakes). Over time, I repeated fewer mistakes. I gained confidence and knowledge. My pizza making skill is now on automatic pilot.

That is the purpose of this book: to share my knowledge with you. I do not want you to repeat the same mistakes as many times as I did. I speak from direct hands-on knowledge.

 You have heard of Murphy’s Law: “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. Let me to introduce you to Grande’s Pizza Postulate.

Grande’s Pizza Postulate:

“While making pizza, all mistakes are inevitable.”


Believe me, I am the master of the Pizza Disaster! If you came up with a comprehensive list of all pizza problems, I could check off each item on the list as having been my own misadventure. I do not want my fate to befall you, however.

 With the help from this book, you will rise above any catastrophe! At least you will be prepared, when the mistakes do occur.

Having a Pizza Party is one of the most rewarding times of life. By preparing in the right manner, you can make sure this does not become a pizza disaster. I want you to be able to have tons of fun, save lots of money and eat incredible pizza.

What on Earth could be better than that?

Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All!

Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter ,

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The Pizza Therapy Pizza Party Book Page

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