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1.  Pizza Pizza: The Song (Revisited)

2. Mozzarella di Buffala: The King of Mozzarella!

3. Pizza on ebay

4. Poor Man's Pesto

5. Pizza Videos



 1.   Pizza Pizza: The Song  (Revisited)

You may know Joe Dolce and his famous Pizza Pizza song.

If you don't let me introduce you to him...

It's time to bring Joe to the limelight where he belongs...

Every once in a while you hear a song that strikes a chord in your heart (or stomach)!

Pizza Pizza is such a song! 

I love this song so much, I licensed it for Legends of Pizza Volume 1 and Legends of Pizza Volume 2

It was written and performed by Joe Dolce and became a minor hit in Australia in the 80's. 

The time has come to revive this incredible song and get people singing and dancing while eating more pizza! 

 Check it out at this link: Pizza Pizza by Joe Dolce

(Click on the Pizza Pizza Link. You need Real Player to Listen to it, but Real Player is free! There is also a link that will allow you to download Real Player. If you have a dial up connection it may take several minutes to download the song. Believe me it is worth the wait!)

We had contact Joe Dolce. Here is what he said:

"Big Albert, Thanks for your kind words and praise. I'm happy you like Pizza Pizza. I've had to eat a lot of it over the years to be able to write a song like that, believe me!

My website and CV has biographical information on who I am and my musical background:


There is also a link on the site where my recordings
(Pizza Pizza is on the Shaddap You Face -NNR CD) can be ordered.

Jonathan Edwards  and I formed a very popular local band when we were in college together at Ohio University in the late 60s called 'The Headstone Circus'. We both went in different directions with our later solo careers, he had a hit with 'Sunshine' and I had a huge international hit with 'Shaddap You Face' (15 countries - 35 foreign language versions) which has held the title as the biggest selling Australian single recording in history, now for 25 years straight.

You're right about Pizza Pizza - it should be picked up by a large company - it's just a matter of time. In the last two years it has started getting some major attention in the US - as the theme song for the US Pizza Team, in competition in Italy, and also featured on ESPN 2's national morning TV program 'Cold Pizza' five times.

 Good luck and thanks for your interest

Pizzafyingly yours,

Joe 'the Salami' Dolce, 
Melbourne, Australia

P.S. Keep your crust crisp".

You can see Joe Dolce singing his famous Shaddap You Face Here:



2. Mozzarella di Buffala: The King of Mozzarella!

    Most of my pizzas have been made with commercial grade mozzarella. I have gotten good results over the years and have no real complaints. This type of mozzarella is made of cow’s milk and comes in blocks or is already shredded.

    I used to buy the individual packets in the 8 ounce size. This is probably the worst way to buy mozzarella. I found a great way to save money by buying in bulk at a local food warehouse. I buy a 5 pound bag of mozzarella and divide it up into individual packets that I freeze until I need them. Surprisingly, mozzarella freezes well with no ill effects.

    Buffalo Mozzarella (Mozzarella di Buffala) is made from buffalo milk and is very different from commercial mozzarella. Buffalo Mozzarella is shaped into a ball and is packed in a brine mixture rather than wrapped in plastic.  Fresh cows milk mozzarella is similar to Buffalo Mozzarella and is also packed in brine. The taste of this fresh mozzarella is totally unique. It has a firm elastic texture that springs back to the touch. When using it to cook pizza, Mozzarella di Buffala tends to puddle and ooze over the entire pizza. This is heavenly!

    The taste is incredibly fresh and creamy. There really is no comparison between Buffalo Mozzarella and its commercial grade cousin. If you can get Buffalo Mozzarella, or fresh cows milk mozzarella, try it on your next pizza. You will be pleasantly surprised!

    Here is a wonderful resource for Buffalo Mozzarella. Read about the history, how it is produced, nutrition, storage, and buying tips:





3. Pizza on ebay

You need to discover ebay for the latest deals for all things pizza.

I am quite amazed at all of the items that are listed. you need to take a peek.

All you have to do is hover your mouse over each section
for a preview of the amazing pizza deals on ebay...





 4. Poor Man's Pesto

Poor Man's Pesto Pizza

I was lucky to be able to co-teach a cooking class several years ago with a professional chef...

 he whipped up the following Pesto in a blender. He called it "Poor Man's Pesto" because he used walnuts instead of pine nuts. We sampled the pesto with some French bread. Later in the week, I did a pizza demo for another class and used the leftover pesto. It was an instant hit with the crowd! I had never made pesto before and I was amazed at how easy it was to make! Buonissimo!


·         2 cups of fresh basil

·         ¼ cup walnuts

·         2 cloves of garlic

·         ½ cup of olive oil

·         ¼ cup parmesan cheese

·         2-4 oz. of mozzarella cheese

·         salt and pepper to taste

·         Dough for 1 pizza 


1.      In a blender or food processor put the basil, garlic, walnuts, and parmesan cheese.

2.      Pulse the mixture as you slowly add the olive oil. 

3.      Roll out the dough (or shape with your fingers and toss!)

4.      Spread the pesto mixture on the dough.

5.      Top with mozzarella..Salt and pepper to taste.

  1. Bake at 500 degrees for 8 to 10 minutes
    (preferably on a preheated pizza and cooking stone iconpizza and cooking stone icon. Should be preheated for 1 hour.)


·         Make a "rich man's pesto" and use pine nuts

·         Sprinkle ¼ cup of pistachios, (or walnuts) as a final step

·         Vary the kind of cheese you use i.e. Romano, Provolone, Gorgonzola 

·         Use the remainder of your pesto for pasta or dipping

·         The ingredient amounts can be varied to suit your own tastes. 




5. Pizza Videos

You can access a number of  Pizza Videos as well as an entire
Library of Pizza Related videos on this page.

Click on the following links:

How to Make Pizza Dough from pizzatherapy.com: In this video I will show you a simple method to make pizza dough. I don't pretend that it is the best recipe, but it is a good starting point to get some experience to make pizza dough.
Ingredients to make pizza dough: This video discusses the simple ingredients you need to make pizza dough. You can make a great dough with simply, flour, salt, yeast and water. There are other optional ingredients that I use.
Best Pizza Movies of All time: I review the Best Pizza Movies ever made. My choices are certainly outside of the box. I also give an honorable mention to Julia Robert's Mystic Pizza.
Best Pizza Books: The Holy Trinity plus one, of Pizza Books is reviewed here: Peter Reinhart's American Pie, Ed Levine's A Slice of Heaven, Penny Pollack and Jeff Ruby's Everybody Loves Pizza and pizza, by Diane Morgan and Tony Gemignani.
A Vast Collection of Pizza Related Videos from You Tube is featured here
Sauce or Gravy: I am not even going to get in the middle of this one. Here is my take on making Spaghetti Sauce/ Gravy...
The Art of the Mini Pizza: Alicia Kamalei Grande, The Little Chef, gives a lesson in making pizza. This is: pizzatherapy, the Next Generation...
Pepe's Video:  Come with me as I visit Fank Pepe's Pizzeria Napolitano. See an actual Pepe's pizza being made, and listen to an exclusive interview with Frank Pepe grandson, Gary Bimonte. Also get up close and personal with the legendary coal fired oven.
Sausage and Egg Pizza from Chef John: An incredible pizza adventure


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