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 Pizza on Earth,
Good Will to All!


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1. What's New: Still in Beta. It works....it doesn't

2. Jeff Varansano: Another Look

 3. Chef Dominic Crolla Update:

4. From the Archives: Albert Finds Pizza On Earth
(And It's in Vermont...)

5. How to dice an onion...


Pizza and Pasta Forum



1. What's New: Still in Beta.

It works....it doesn't...Pizza and Pasta Forum

As you may know, I've launched a new social site for pizza fans like you, called,

In theory it is a great site, but it still has a number of bugs that need to be worked out.

What it can do is pretty amazing. It will allow you to post pictures, videos, put up your own blog or project. You can even chat as well as contact members, post messages and easily create polls.

One of the most robust features is the add on of another forum. Fantastic...or so I thought.

I've spent hours setting up the forum. Putting in new topics and posts. Well long story short:

Today it crashed. I got it repaired, or so I thought...Not so.

So is still in Beta. Visit, sign up and help me to test this out...hopefully I will get the bugs worked out.

Pizza and Pasta Forum

The Atilla Pizza from the Pizza Therapy Pizza book
The Atilla: arugula, gorgonzola and pistachios.
Recipe from Jon F. Featured in the
 "The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book"


2. Jeff Varansano: Another Look

You gotta love this guy...

Jeff knows pizza no doubt about it. He has created an incredible pizza resource. His website shares all of his pizza secrets. Here is his website: Jeff Varasano's Famous New York Pizza Recipe.

 He gives step by step information to re-create a true New York style pizza in your kitchen. He's also the guy that stresses his own electric oven by over-riding the controls to crank up his oven to an incredible temperature. Don't try this at home, kids...

Jeff's website not only tells you all of his secrets, but he reviews a number of pizza places. He debunks a number of myths about pizza. (For example: it's not about the water...)

Jeff Varansano at pizzatherapy.com
Jeff Varansano displays one of his creations

This may be the single greatest pizza resource on the Internet. His website rocks!

He has been featured in the New York Times. You can read the Time's Varansano article, here.

Even Chris Bianco was impressed. He is quoted in the article as saying:

"I do like that he figured it out on his terms, and I honestly learned things the same way,” Mr. Bianco said. “I could train a monkey to make one good pizza, but I think it becomes an artisanal product when we are truly engaged in the process.”

He's the ultimate pizzaiolo. Now the rumor is that Jeff Varansano will be opening his own pizzeria.

I don't have any exact information, however, it will probably be near Atlanta, where Jeff lives. I'll update information as soon as it becomes available.

Not bad for a kid genius who holds the world's record for figuring out the Rubik's Cube. He may have even have a New Haven connection.

Here is an incredible You Tube video of Jeff Varansano in action:





 3. Chef Dominic Crolla Update:

I   received a great e-mail from Chef Dominic Crolla:

"A quick update on what I have been up to. Recently at there was a gala dinner for the Pizza & Pasta Association, UK.

It’s held annually at the Royal Lancaster, central London.

I received 5 awards, an industry first!

Gold award for best pizzeria UK

Gold award for best Italian restaurant UK

1st place for Pizza Designer 2008

& two 1st place sponsor’s category awards.

One of the guest judges this year was Harrods Executive Chef, Giuseppe Silvestri

The judges at the Pizza & Pasta Association, UK.

The Judges make their decision

Papa Industry awards 2008 The Crolla's celebrate their win.

Chef Dominico Crolla has always thought big. The Glasgow, Scotland, Chef has been hailed as having the best Italian cuisine in that city. He has opened not one, but several wildly successful Italian restaurants.

From the tender age of ten, he began working in his father's restaurants and cultivated a taste for fine food. He has always been on the cutting edge of fantastic food. He has never been afraid to try new tastes. 

 This master pizzaiolo did it again in 2006, by creating "The Pizza Royale". This pizza, which was created using a sun blush tomato base with medallions of venison, Scottish smoked salmon and topped by edible gold flakes. The pizza is also included caviar as well as lobster marinated in exceptional cognac.

Read the rest of Chef Crolla's pizza story here.




4. From the Pizza News Archives:
 Albert Finds Pizza On Earth
(And It's in Vermont...)

As you may know the theme of pizzatherapy.com has always been:
"Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All".

Imagine my shock and surprise to find Pizza on Earth, located in Vermont. Let me explain...

A short time ago, I received an invitation from Jay Vogler, a pizzaiolo from Charlotte, Vermont to visit his website: pizzaonearth.com. Of course, I was a little curious, so I headed right over.

Well Pizza On Earth, is not only the name of his website, but also the name of his Wood Oven Bakery. I was greatly impressed with everything on his website and bakery, of course, and especially the pizzas.

One of the most interesting tid-bits he revealed, was the fact Peter Reinhart has been an important influence for him. Peter is the Author of American Pie, and was featured on
The Legends of Pizza, Volume 1 ®

It's a small pizza after all...

Jay Vogler's Pizza on Earth, pizza

Jay Vogler's incredible pizza at "Pizza on Earth...

5. How to dice an onion...

learn how to dice an onion...

Check out this amazing video of how to dice an onion
 right here at the Pizza Blog:




My absolute favorite Pizza Books of All Time
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Pizza Books.

(I call these The Holy Trinity of Pizza Books plus One)

Discover: "The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book" by Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter



That's all the "Pizza News!", for now...

"Pizza on Earth,
Good Will to All"

Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter

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