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1.  What's New: Foodbuzz Seeks Out The Pizza Blog

2. My Tuscan Kitchen: A Wonderful Resource

3. Albert's Saturday Night Pizza

4. Pete's Story: Mama's On Motor


1.  Foodbuzz Seeks Out The Pizza Blog

I recently received an email from Foodbuzz, a network of bloggers,
if  the Pizza Blog  wanted to be a featured publisher on their network.
I was quite honored and immediately said yes.

I look forward to a wonderful relationship with this incredible group. Of course I feel honored and humbled.

You can click below to see my status with Foodbuzz and to check out my latest posts. Honestly, I wondered sometimes if anyone was actually reading the blog. I guess people were reading it...

See what Foodbuzz is saying, right here:


2. My Tuscan Kitchen: A Wonderful Resource

When you are on the Internet, as you know, one thing leads to another. Recently as I was checking out featured food sites, I came across this delightful blog called My Tuscan Kitchen.

I found lots of great recipes and information. Including a wonderful pizza recipe for
Italian Sausage and Caramelized Onions.

Hannah Summers, the author, has a little different spin on pizza, than my own, and I like that.
Her recipe is simple and straight forward. Here is the link:

Italian Sausage and Caramelized Onions.

I know you will find Hannah as delightful as her recipes. I was very impressed with the spirit of Tuscany she shares with her readers. I'll go back and I know you will, too.



3. Albert's Saturday Night Pizza

I made pizza for the gang, Saturday night. As usual it was lots of fun. I am always amazed at the different types of positive energy that is produced along with the pizza.

For me, making pizza is like being part on a synergistic experience. The good will and positive vibes of those eating the pizza shines through when everyone shares the pizza.

Hey I don't want to sound to profound, here, but magic happens when you make pizza.

The great thing about being a home pizza chef is that you get to think outside of the box a little bit.
You can experiment and try different things.
Kind of like be a jazz musician, you know that main tune, and you can improvise around that theme.

I've been using whole milk fresh mozzarella, when I can get it.
Also, I've been knocked out by pecarino cheese. Incredible! Oh., what a taste!

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4. Pete's Story: Mama's On Motor

Pete writes:

Nice to meet other dedicated pizz-a-holics!

Mama's on Motor just gets a blend I can't taste elsewhere. Maybe it's the red onions. Maybe it's the sauce. The classic crust. Words fail me - it just blends!

Thanks for the dough making tips. In return, I shall share my favorite recipes with you.

All time favorite - Sausage, mushroom & onion (on a cold winter night!)

Southern California craze - garlic and fresh basil (health and taste)

Poker night with the boys - garlic and pineapple (the sweet is decadent)

New kid on the block (just tried tonight) - garlic and broccoli (arranged in petals) with mozarella and a dribble of sharp
cheddar in the center. Lightly dusted with dried basil. Yummy!

Not into the yeast thing, as I am macrobiotic. I have risen the dough with baking powder, rice milk and olive oil with some

Also use organic wheat flour, as it is always on hand. But nothing is quite as good as good old white.

Pre-bake this crust a few minutes and it will balloon up. No need to rise.

That's my story. Thanks again!

Our Response:

Thanks, Pete!









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