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Pizza News, April, 2010
(Volume Xl No. 4)
(ISSN: 1533-3795)   

 Pizza on Earth,
Good Will to All!

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The Green Pizza Revolution Issue

1) Pizza Therapy Says: Go Green With That Pizza Box

2) Best Pizza in America: The Steve Lieber Interview

3) Gifts for Mom from Pizza Therapy... Everyday is Mother's Day!

4) May You Be Blessed....


1) Pizza Therapy Says: Go Green With That Pizza Box

  In honor of Earth Day, let's spread some pizza re-cycling awareness...

My thanks to William Betz, who unraveled the mystery of re-using pizza boxes...

Here's what Bill told me:
Americans consume 3 billion, yes, 3 BILLION with a B, cardboard pizza boxes every year...in the 2 minutes you've spent reading this message...12,000 have been used...and they are NOT recyclable as they are contaminated w/ grease and foodstuffs...

My response: Three Billion Bill? What can be done about the pizza box problem?

Re-useable Pizza Boxes explained Bill...

Earth loving  pizza fans need to know more.

Where can we get these Re-usable pizza boxes?

Who makes them? Are they available to anyone?

How can we help?

How do we get our local pizzera involved in this recycling effort?

2) Best Pizza in America: The Steve Lieber Interview

Steve Lieber knows pizza….

He is a member of the World Pizza Champions. He has an incredible story to tell. In the following interview he tells his pizza story.

He explains how he got into the pizza business. He learned how to make pizza. He worked in a number of restaurants and decided he wanted to become a master pizziolo.


Steve Lieber, pizza champion at Pizza Therapy
Steve Lieber, Pizza Champion

I was fortunate to interview Steve. He explained:

  • how he learned to make pizza
  • how his passion for pizza led him to try to master the coal fired oven pizza
  • The differences between a coal fired oven and other pizza ovens in making pizza
  • how he met Tony Gemignani.
  • What happened to his pizza making, after attending The International School of Pizza
  • How he won the Best Pizza in the United States Award
  • He give lots of pizza making tips for the home pizza maker
  • He explodes the myth of using water to make pizza
  • Where he is going with pizza
  • How giving back to the community has helped his business

You can listen to Steve's Interview here:


You can also listen (and download the interview)
at The Legends of Pizza.
Here's the link:
Steve Lieber interview at Legends of Pizza


You can watch Steve make pizza in this video.

Note that he is using 4 day old dough.

That is an amazing pizza tip...4 day old dough...



For more on Steve, read this blog post about

‘Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert’
(Yes, you read that correctly... Don Kirshner...)

A Pizza Champ, an American Icon, and a Coal-fired Oven

(This is an amazing story...)

I'm still grinning...


3) Gifts for Mom from Pizza Therapy... Everyday is Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is right around the corner... Order your Mother's Day Gift now.

I love to shop at home. And my favorite Mother's Day Gifts can be found right here..
Why? Because I can get a great price. I get an amazing selection. And I always get free shipping... (Look for the free shipping link..)

"I love Amazon" Albert Grande



4) May You Be Blessed...

From my "What you think becomes reality" site...


 The beautiful movie and gift book titled May You Be Blessed is about joy, gratitude, appreciation, kindness and love.


 Rekindle your inner light by enjoying this 3 minute movie and be sure to bless someone else by sharing it with them.


May you be blessed with all things good...


May your joys like the stars at night be to numerous to count...




May you be blessed.....


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That's all the "Pizza News!", for now...




"Pizza on Earth,
Good Will to All"

Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter

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