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Pizza News, November, 2009
(Volume X No. 11)
(ISSN: 1533-3795)   


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 Pizza on Earth,
Good Will to All!

1) What's New?  Peter Reinhart's Artisan Breads Every Day.

2) Jeff's Turkey Pizza Recipe

3) An Old Hooker (From the Pizza Therapy Archives)

4) History of Pizza...


1) What's New?  Peter Reinhart's Artisan Breads Every Day.

Peter Reinhart has a new book out all about bread baking. It is a spectacular book and a must have for anyone interested in making bread and pizza.

In this book, Peter covers:

  • Bread Baking Basics

  • Sour Dough and Wild Yeast Frements

  • French Breads and Sour Dough Hearth Breads

  • Enriched Breads

  • Rich Breads

I have ordered my own copy and I will give an extensive review of this bread baking volume in an upcoming issue of Pizza News.

In the meantime, Peter has created some companion videos for his book. I want to showcase one here. You can find links to other Reinhart videos below.


More Reinhart Videos:

Peter Reinhart: Shaping Boule: In this video Peter talks about how to work with a very wet dough.

Peter Reinhart: The Stretch and Fold Technique:  This video may be my very favorite in the entire series. Peter Reinhart reveals his stretch and fold technique

Get Peter's new book here:


And of course,
check out my favorite Reinhart book:



2) Jeff's Turkey Pizza Recipe

Turkey Pizza

Jeff writes:

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving today to you and all your readers,
friends looking forward to making a delicious turkey gourmet pizza
here goes:

  • perfect dough, 2 hrs room temp rested after 24 hrs in fridge
    , soft and ready to roll out , large 16"

  • full bodied red tomato pizza sauce,

  • oregano and basil flavored

  • a little garlic olive oil on dough before sauce

  • mozzarella cheese

  • oven roasted turkey

  •  roasted red peppers,

  • zucchini,

  • eggplant

  • onion,

  • feta cheese last on top ,

  • Note: Beautiful color combination


  • 4 min at 600 degrees,

  • spun for another 4 times

  • rotating to get best hot
    spots in commercial Bakers Pride oven

  • finished at 10 minutes
    making sure bottom is toasty brown indicating cooked
    work of art

  • cut into 10
    all for me :):):)
    and of coarse

  • a big glass of red (wine)
    luv ya

all have a safe holiday

My Response:

Thanks so much Jeff!

Happy Holiday's Everyone!


3) An Old Hooker (From the Pizza Therapy Archives)

 (An Antique Bread maker from I.M. Tailgate)

Our friend I.M. Tailgate writes:

I would like to throw my two cents worth into  the pot regarding the use of a hook in kneading dough. I must again confess to using an antique from time to time. (Why not, I'm something of an antique

 When I don't feel up to hauling out the food processor, or kneading by hand to make my dough for a good pizza, I use my Grandmother's antique bread maker. It consists of a tin coated pail which somewhat resembles an old fashioned milk pail. (When it was new I believe it was very shiny.) The pail has a casting with a jack screw on it which enables the casting to be clamped to the  edge of the kitchen table.

The pail in turn, fits onto the casting and is thus suspended from the edge of the table. A hand crank joins to yet another casting  that is designed to interface with the first. Ofcourse, the crank is attached  to a dough hook which rotates within the pail to knead the dough.

I use this device exclusively to make home made bread, and on occasion to mix  and knead pizza dough. If it was good enough for my grandma, it's good enough
for me.

It is guaranteed to work during a power failure, and since it has but 1 moving part, the crank/hook assembly, it has already lasted several life times.

Grandma's, my father's and I plan on passing it on to one of my sons when I have  made my last pizza. Does it work? Hey three generations can't be wrong.

Of course, you already know my theory about using a good bread flour as opposed  to a general purpose or cake flour. Any high gluten flour will give the dough  sufficient elasticity to stand up to the showmanship of an expert pizza chef  like the one I witnessed in Sicily who kept the dough
twirling and airborne  before applying the toppings.

Additionally, theflavors were delicate but pronounced to make it one of the best I have ever tasted, any where. The crust was substantial enough to bear the topping without being tough."

My Response:

Thanks for the feedback, I.M. Tailgate.



As usual Pizza Fan: Thank you. I really appreciate your support.


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I'm taking some shots. Wish me well.


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"Pizza on Earth,
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