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Pizza News
October 2010
(Volume X No. 10)
(ISSN: 1533-3795)   

 Pizza on Earth,
Good Will to All!


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A Slice of Pizza from pizzatherapy.com     1) Un Americana In Italia Interview

A Slice of Pizza from pizzatherapy.com   2) Real Pizza Passion in Hawaii: Inferno's Wood Fired Pizza

A Slice of Pizza from pizzatherapy.com      3) Eating Italian Food at Grandma Grande's

A Slice of Pizza from pizzatherapy.com    4) Cooking Pizza in a Cast Iron Skillet


1)  1) Un Americana In Italia Interview

A Slice of Pizza from pizzatherapy.com  What follows is an amazing tale of food, passion, and love. Sky Dylan Robbins is an amazing person who shares her love of food through her film making...

Sky Dylan Robbins is a filmmaker with an unbridled passion for food. you can hear it in her voice. You can feel it in her film.

Her latest project, Un Americana in Italia chronicles her food adventures in Italy. The film is comprised of 12 different episodes. Each episode takes you on a different quest to discover the truth about food. She gives us an understanding of why we are so obsessed with food.



Sky takes you inside the underground secrets of how various food is produced. She also reveals the passions of those who create these amazing foods.

Food for Sky is magical. She celebrates the creation of food. She celebrates the consumption of food. Eating and sharing food together is an event that deserves to be celebrated.



Sky shared her own passion for food during our interview. In this interview Sky reveals...
  • How she started a love affair with Italy and Italian food

    •How she planned and executed her film

    •The magical events that allowed her to complete each episode

    •The truth about the Water Buffalo in Italy

    •Why Bologna is one of the most special food destinations on the planet

    •The inside secrets to the Best Flour in Italy, Caputo

    •The true passion of the master pizza makers in Naples

    and much much more.

    I've posted Sky's interview here:

Listen to Sky, here. (Opens in new window)

or listen to Sky at this link. (Opens in new window)

For more on Sky, you can see a clip of her Neapolitan Pizza video, here (Opens in new window)

Watch Sky at the Caputo Flour Factory in this episode

A Slice of Pizza from pizzatherapy.com   2) Real Pizza Passion in Hawaii: Inferno's Woodfired

Infernos at pizzatherapy.com



Inferno's Pizza, Honolulu from Pizza Therapy

Inferno's Pizza  from pizzatherapy.com


John and Kyle, pizza masters at Inferno's from pizzatherapy.com

Pizza Masters John and Kyle...


"The students have become the masters..."

And the master could not be prouder!

True story...

I got a call from Goomba, a while back telling me some guy, Kyle, wanted to come to my house to watch me make pizza...

Well Ok, I thought. Sure. I'll make pizza for anyone. Especially if Goomba recommends him.

So the guy comes to my house and watches me all night, make pie after pie. He sits and watches. Not saying much, but obviously making lots of mental notes... Lots.

"Why are you interested in my pizza?" I ask...

 "I want to open a pizza place" he tells me...  Yeah right. I've heard this before... a lot of people want to open pizza places... Few do...

We had some great pizza discussions. Or rather I had some great pizza discussions. I like to talk. He didn't talk much.

He listened and took it in. He kept his eyes on my hands as I made the pizza. He sat at the counter and watched.

He said he liked the pizza. He enjoyed every pizza.

Flash forward to now. And indeed the guy is making his own pizza...

And now, the student has become the teacher.

Kyle now has his own pizza operation...

He and his partner John, just opened an amazing pizza place, in a parking lot. Amazing!

And they put the true spirit of pizza in every pizza they make!

Inferno’s Pizza

Without s doubt, this is one of the true hidden gems in all of Hawaii. Inferno’s is a portable pizza operation. Street food delivered with aloha! First, the pizza is simply outstanding. Excellent crust in a kiawe wood fired oven.

Kyle and John have pizza passion. The crust was incredible. A superb Neapolitan pie right in Kalihi! My prediction, is Inferno’s will open a sit down restaurant within a year…

I will be featuring more stories about Inferno's. Here is a great fact: You can only order 3 pizzas at a time.

Kyle told me "We had people coming in ordering 10 to 20 pizzas. If we let people order that many pizzas, we would not be able to take care of our regular customers..."

How's that for customer service? These guys are amazing!

Read the Rest of the Story Here...
(Opens in a new window)

You can see Inferno's as The Best Pizza in Hawaii
(Opens in a new window)




A Slice of Pizza from pizzatherapy.com     3) Eating Italian Food at Grandma Grande's House

Here's a quick cooking story about eating at Grandma Grande's house...

You ate her food and you liked it....Or else!

Click to play:

Thanks, Grandma, you were one of a kind!

The Happy Italian Cook Book by Albert Grande

Learn to cook just like Grandma Grande and Grandma Palmieri

Go to:

The Happy Italian Cook Book, Click here now

A Slice of Pizza from pizzatherapy.com    4) Cooking Pizza in a Cast Iron Skillet





Mike asks:

Albert -

Thanks for all the help. I am on the quest for the perfect white dough! I am actually trying it out tonight.

If you have time I do have a couple of questions. Have you ever cooked one in a cast iron skillet? How comparable would this be to a pizza stone since you can technically let it heat up with the oven as well? What temperature would you recommend?

Pizza is my life and I just started getting excited about it again after eating at a Mellow Mushroom just down the road from us.

 I used to work in the pizza business for about 7 years, at McSalty's Pizza Cafe  in Springfield MO. A local owned very good pizza. Probably one of the top two or three I have ever had. It is a wheat crust rolled real thin and baked at 550 degrees. It tastes like a pepper cracker.

 If you are ever near that area I would highly suggest you check it out. Dough and Sauce are made from scratch daily, and we chopped our own onions and green peppers as well.

Thanks for your time and thanks for the dough recipe. I am sure that we will enjoy making the pizza tonight.

Thanks again.

My response:

Hi Mike, thanks for writing.

Honestly no, I have never used a cast iron skillet. But I really know it will work great.

Interestingly enough someone gave me a special cast iron skillet made exclusively for cooking pizza, and I have never used it...

I have sampled pizza made in a cast iron skillet and it was great.

Read the Rest of the Story



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"Pizza on Earth,
Good Will to All"


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