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Pizza News, September, 2009
(Volume X No. 9)
(ISSN: 1533-3795)   

 Pizza on Earth,
Good Will to All!

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1) What's New?  How to Make Pizza Video Gets 200,000 Views

2) What's New: Frank Pepe's Voted 50 Top Things to Eat in the World

3) The Best Pizza in Las Vegas

4) History of Pizza...


1) What's New?  How to Make Pizza Video Gets 200,000 Views

Honestly, I'm amazed, surprised, shocked and in total disbelief.

About 2 years ago, I decided to enter the world of video. I set up a camera on my kitchen, and recorded myself making pizza dough. It was no big deal for me. I've made pizza dough so many times, I can do it in my sleep. Literally. Sometimes, I dream of making pizza.

I posted the video on You Tube and a number of other video sites. I left it there and didn't really think much about it. Occasionally I would check to see if anyone was watching it. Then something weird happened. First 100 people watched it. Then 1,000, then tens of thousands. I was pleasantly surprised when last year it had received 50,000 views.

A year later it's gotten 200,000 views. Amazing!

Here is the best thing about making this video: people are making their own pizza. I've gotten hundreds of emails from various pizza lovers thanking me for showing them how to make pizza. And that made me smile. After all that's what Pizza Therapy is all about.

I will be making more videos. I will be putting more pizza information out there. You can see examples of some of my work at this link.Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter's Contributor Profile - Associated Content.

In honor of the 200,000 views, here is the video that started it all:




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2) Frank Pepe's Voted 50 Top Things to Eat in the World

Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana from pizzatherapy.com

Hey we knew it all the time.

Frank Pepe's Pizzeria Napoletana in New Haven, Connecticut, makes some of the best pizza on the planet.

It's always nice to get global recognition, however.

An article written by, Killian Fox from the Observer lists the 50 Best Things to Eat in the World.

Right there at Number 31, is Pepe's!:

Read the rest of this article at the Pizza Therapy Pizza bog

3) The Best Pizza in Las Vegas

John and Sam from Metro Pizza in Las Vegas

There is only one pizzeria, that can claim the the title as The Best Pizza in Las Vegas and that is Metro Pizza.

Metro has been on the radar of Pizza Therapy for a number of years. And with good reason. They make their pizza with heart and excellence.

You can read the review at this page. (Scroll down to Nevada Pizza.)

The Metro team loves pizza. They live pizza. They are passionate about pizza.

John Arena and his cousin Sam Facchini founded Metro in 1980. They have not looked back since.

The true love for the art form of pizza shines through with John and Sam's mission statement about Metro.

"We believe that a true Pizzeria should be a gathering place for family and friends to relax, share great food and enjoy each other's company.
We have visited hundreds of Pizzerias across the country, learning and gathering recipes to bring our guests a taste of home, wherever home might be."

John in addition to being a master pizzaiolo, also teaches a class at UNLV about pizza. The class may be the first of it's kind in the entire country. You can read the course description here at pizzatherapy.com

There are so many amazing things about Metro Pizza that it would take an entire book to list them

Read the rest of the Metro Story HERE



4) The History of Pizza

The history of pizza is cloudy at best, with a variety of theories and speculation. Some claim it is based on the pita bread found in the Mid-East. There is also a theory that pizza came from the unleavened bread "matzo" brought to Rome by Italian legionnaires. Others insist, pizza evolved from the famous "foccacia" served in Rome about 1,000 years ago, as a snack. Another theory is that pizza was brought to Italy by Greeks, during the first century. 
There may be as many theories about the origins of pizza as there are different types of pizza!

There is agreement that pizza may have been developed by peasants in Naples, Italy. This early pizza consisted of flattened bread dough with olive oil, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese. Tomatoes were discovered in the "New World" and were for centuries, thought to be poisonous. A peasant may have tried to add bulk to his pizza by using the "devils fruit". The first "pizza joint" was Port' Alba, opened in Naples in 1830. This restaurant served pizza baked in ovens made from lava rock.

Pizza, as we know it, is credited to one Raffaele Esposito of Naples. In 1889, to honor a visit by King Umberto I and Queen Margherita, he created a special pizza which resembled the Italian flag. The pizza consisted of basil (green), mozzarella (white),and tomatoes (red). This dish sets the standard for our modern day pizza. This patriotic pizza was an instant success with the King and Queen, as well as his other patrons. He named this pizza in honor of the Queen, the Margherita.

The first American pizzeria was opened in New York in 1905 by Gennaro Lombardi.  This restaurant ( Lombardi's) is still in operation today. The pizza is baked in a coal burning oven with the same recipe Gennaro Lombardi brought from Naples in 1897.

Read more here: History of Pizza by pizzatherapy.com



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"Pizza on Earth,
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