Albert Grande with Pizza Peel

Albert Grande with Pizza Peel

can i buy Pregabalin in spain Bob writes:

“Spring Greetings Albert!

Being a transplanted New Yorker I really
enjoyed your inspiring interview with Pauie Gee! Thank you!
Albert I know I should expect some frustration as I try to become a more
authentic pizza-maker and I love the experimenting. It’s kinda like
trying to have kids. Even if you don’t get it right – it is fun trying!
: )

When my neighbor got a new grill and offered me his old one I jumped at
the chance to create a pizza oven in my backyard. It (the oven) has been
working great 600 on the deck and I can really tell the difference in the
final product.

Unfortunately I can not invite my friends yet until I
work out his frustrating glitch.I am having a hard time sliding the
pizza off the peel into the oven. So the next time I used an aluminum peel (used wood the
first time) and even more semolina flour!

I also found if I tilt the peel
too much my toppings go before the pizza. Ugh.

I typically have my dough at room temperature and top it on the peel.I
know you have the solution : )

Your pizza friend in Maryland, Bob”

Vialonga My Response: Hi Bob! Great question…

Keep trying you will definitely get it right!

That said, understand I am the master of the pizza disaster. Everything
that has gone wrong with pizza I have done…twice…
Actually I talk about that in The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book...



As I read your email I thought…hmm.. Too many toppings, the dough is
overloaded. But as I look at your pic….That is not the problem.

Pizza Sticking to peel issues

Pizza Sticking to peel issues

First step: Start with a dough ball or a piece of dough, enough to make one pizza. If your dough is wet or sticky, flatten out your dough a bit and dip it in flour to make sure the dough is not sticky. You can dip it in a mixture of flour and semolina if you wish. The point is you do not want the dough ball to be sticky or wet.  This is important to do before you shape your pizza ball into the pizza shape.

When you build your pizza make sure you have enough flour or semolina or
even corn meal underneath the pizza. When building it on the peel, level
the peel to the table and give it a shake. A quick back and forth to see
the dough is loose and not stuck any where to the surface of the peel.
Flour will work…

The pizza needs to move easily!

The important concept is to make sure the dough is not stuck anywhere. Shake it back and
forth a few times, just to make sure. You don’t have to shake it a
lot…just enough to see the pizza slide.

As you build the pizza, do the same thing. You really do not need to tip
the peel to much, you just want to make sure it is going to slide…

Slippy slide pizza dough! Should not stick anywhere!

Keep practicing with the peel….move the peel quickly forward a bit to
make sure the pizza slides. Not to much now just enough to make sure it is

Oh no.. it stuck to the surface? No problem. Here is a quick trick to
unstick a pizza…Get a piece of dental floss longer than the pizza, and
slide it underneath the pizza…Or even a piece of string will work.

That should do the trick.

Now when you are ready to transfer the pizza to the pizza stone…you made sure
the pizza will slide. correct?

You do not need a steep angle…45 degrees is to much…you just need a
slight angle. the important thing is to make sure the pizza is not stuck

And of course, make sure your pizza is not overloaded with ingredients.

That is a sure recipe for disaster…Remember when you make pizza “less is

OK now move you pizza over the stone to where you want to place it. Slide
the pizza forward with the peel almost touching the pizza stone at a slight
angle. The edge of the pizza should just touch the pizza stone and as you pull
back the pizza will stay on the stone…

You can also check out my friend Gary Casper’s invention: the Super Peel….
you can read about it here:

Super Peel at Pizza Therapy

Here is a video interview:

Video Interview with Gary Casper on Super Peel

The next time I make pizza I will try to film it so you can get a better

Please keep trying and don’t give up…

Please let me know how you make out…And make sure to spread the love of
pizza…and Pizza Therapy!

Let me know if this helps!

pizza on earth,


Pizza Peel:

The Super Peel: 


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