In this video ordering Seroquel online Chef Leo Spizzirri, is interviewed by incontinent Peter Reinhart at Pizza Expo.

He is creating a Tart Flambe’ which could be considered a French version of pizza.

He made a sauce using crème fresh, egg yolks a little coriander and white pepper.  The coriander is a seed that is ground up. This taste is used a lot in French cooking. crust. He will use the coriander sauce as the base of the pizza.

He started with 4 white onions sliced very thin. He flavored the onions with garlic, salt, and pepper and put them on a sheet pan inside the Forno Bravo oven. Ho cooked the onions until they were translucent. He did not want to cook them too long because he will place them on top of the pizza.

He took some thick pieces of bacon and cooked them as well. When you cook the bacon, make sure you reserve the fat. He explains that there is a lot of flavor in the bacon fat.

Chef Leo explains who he used onions and bacon on the pizza. He also talks about a unique way to use the bacon fat.  Don’t throw the bacon grease away as it can be used to coat the outside of the pizza

The rim of the pizza will be coated with bacon fat using a brush.

Peter asks Chef Leo if there are any other uses for bacon fat. Chef Leo explains you can use it when you roast garlic to add flavor. You can also sauté using bacon fat as it will impart a smoky flavor to everything. Using bacon and mushrooms is another great flavor combination. You will not overpower the taste of the mushrooms but will give them added flavor as well.

He is using dough that he made the day before and forming them into logs. He said this dough will make incredible bread for service for restaurant customers.

Chef Leo goes on to describe the power of the Forno Bravo oven and how it is designed to hold heat. It is created with a poly fiber substance which is made to hold heat.

Now you can watch Chef Leo assemble the pizza. He starts by using the Crème fresh white sauce and layers that on top of the pizza. Then he lays down the onions which are not overcooked and just beginning to caramelize. After that, he adds gruyere cheese. Next, he tops the pizza with bacon.

Chef Leo uses a peel and puts the tart in one of the colder spots of the oven. He notes that if used the hottest spot the pizza would burn on the bottom before the top was cooked.

He talks about Pizza Peels including G-Metal as well as Pizza artist Larry Melburn

Next, he uses a brush to put some rendered bacon fat on the edge of the crust.

Here’s the video of the making of a Tarte Flambe at Pizza Expo:

You can discover more great pizza info at Chef Leo’s website at

Peter Reinhart's Pizza Quest

Peter Reinhart’s Pizza Quest

You can also find Peter Reinhart at Pizza quest:

Larry Melbergs famous peels

Larry Melberg

Pizza Expo

Chef Leo also praises the pizza tools at: GMetal (Affiliate Linl)
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