According to Darren Ezzo, of The Ezzo Sausage Company, the Secret to Pepperoni is that there are no pepperoni secrets. The Ezzo’s have been making sausage and pepperoni for generations.

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Darren stated:

Just like most things there really is no secret to pepperoni.


“It’s just that simple”

Darren Ezzo from Ezzo Sausage and Pepperoni

Darren Ezzo

He went on to explain when Ezzo Sausage makes pepperoni and sausage, they do not cut any corners. They make a good product that they would eat themselves. The sausage and pepperoni are not overdone, but rather just clean and simple every time. Whole pork shoulders, clean beef fat and cheek meat are used. Ground and crushed seasonings are also used. “It’s just that simple,” he said.

Ezzo pepperoni pizza

I was able to sample the Ezzo Pepperoni and I was impressed. The taste was amazing. I had it both from a small slice as well as cooked on a pizza. When it cooked, it cupped and there were little bits of pepperoni goodness dripping all over the pizza. This may be the best pepperoni I ever tasted.

Darren and his brother John are 4th generation meat grinders. His great-grandfather started the business in upstate New York, with a grocery store making sausage and salami. his Dad and his uncles moved to Indiana where they carried on the tradition by making pizza toppings. The company moved to Columbus, Ohio in 1978. They have been making pizza toppings there ever since.

When Ezzo Sausage makes pepperoni they keep the batches small. they do the same thing every day. The formula is the same with each batch using a two-part grind. They are very particular when it comes to mixing. The process needs a lot of attention and care to not over mix. Next, the pepperoni is made and hung to dry. Another important aspect is to not over handle it.

Pepperoni is an American product. you will not be able to find pepperoni in Italy. If you ask fr pepperoni there you will get “little red and green peppers”.

Pizza as we know it, is truly an American product, according to Darren.

Ezzo Sausage is currently only available for commercial operations. But that may change in the near future. however, you can discover this amazing sausage at Pennsylvania Macaroni and Cheese Company. I’ll include a link below the video.

Here’s the interview I did with Darren at Pizza Expo. At the end of the video Darren, gives a great shout-out to Brian Spangler of Apizza Scholls.

Here’s How to Order Ezzo Sausage On-line:


Ezzo Sausgage Company
683 Manor Park Dr.
Columbus, Ohio 43228 (614)445-8841

Find Ezzo Sausage on-line at

Pennsylvania Macaroni Company Logo

Pennsylvania Macaroni and Cheese
2010-2012 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222

Apizza Scholls Logo

Apizza Scholls
4741 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Portland, Oregon 97215
(503) 233-1286

Pizza Expo

Pizza Expo

Find out more about Pizza Expo, at



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