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I hope everything is going well. Summer is right around the corner and that always makes me think about pizza

Well, actually every Season reminds of pizza. OK, true, I have a one track mind…
I hope your pizza adventures have been going well.


Albert Grande Interviews Paulie Gee

I wanted to share with you my latest video interview. I was very fortunate to able to have a great pizza conversation with Paulie Gee.
Paulie is someone who I have followed for years. He is funny and engaging and loves to talk pizza!

He has a great story of how he was able to get into the pizza business. He also reveals his favorite pizzas.

He says his pizza place is what The Little Rascals would open as a pizzeria.
The Little Rascals were a group of misfit kids whose adventures always got them in trouble.
Somehow it all worked out in the end!

Albert Grande and Paulie Gee

Albert Grande and Paulie Gee

Paulie was very engaging and explains:
“It’s all about the love of pizza!”

Our discussion got off to a shaky start, but soon got on track.

You can check out the entire interview, here:

You can listen or download the MP3 for later listening at the bottom of this page:

Paulie Gee on Paulie Gees, and Pizza


A while back  my friend, Tony Gemignani stopped into to visit Super Model Chrissy Teigen
(She is married to singer John Legend)

While on the show Tony made a great Breakfast pizza.

I posted the video with some of my own commentary…

Check it out here:

Tony’ and Chrissy

This was a very interesting pizza using potatoes, pancetta (an Italian Bacon)
and Provolone at the end.

Tony’s latest book: The Pizza Bible, contains lots of other great pizza info.

Tony Gemignani and Albert Grande

Tony Gemignani and Albert Grande

(See: for more information.

For me the take away is that you can add pizza ingredients to your pie
AFTER it comes out of the oven. WOW!

Check out the video and learn some great pizza making techniques.

Please check out the posts and let me know what you think.

I would love it if you would add a comment, suggestion and
positive pizza energy!

I hope all of you pizza sucesses are filled with joy and happiness…

Pizza on earth,



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[…] a transplanted New Yorker I really enjoyed your inspiring interview with Pauie Gee! Thank you! Albert I know I should expect some frustration as I try to become a more authentic […]

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