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November 2007

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The Most Unusual, Radical Issue, of Pizza News

1. What's New? Let's Make Pizza Therapy History!

2. The Portobello: The Royalty of Mushrooms

3. Low Carb Pizza Recipes

4. Best Pizza in Alabama...

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 Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter


 1. What's New? Let's Make Pizza Therapy History!

Coming soon, with your help:
The Pizza Therapy Pizza Party Book


Ever since I created "The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book", I have dreamed of a follow up volume.

I knew that I was only scratching the surface of the pizza universe. I didn't want my follow-up book to be like the Pizza Therapy Pizza Book. I wanted it to be completely different.

 I knew it would contain recipes and other pizza related information.
I wanted it to be totally unusual, with a different spin.

I thought I had the answer of how to create a completely new, different and original pizza book.

I had a problem. I didn't finish it. I was stumped. I hit a brick wall.

Then I had an idea. Of course you have heard of Chicken Soup for the Soul. It's a book of heart warming tales and stories. Each one unique and wonderful. Each one original.

I decided to borrow an idea from the authors of that book. You know they asked for help in writing the book. They wrote some of the book, but not all of the book. Most of the book, was written by other people. Then they went ahead, and with the help of others, wrote a bazillion other Chicken Soup Spin off books.

Then I thought: why couldn't I do the same thing? I only want to write one book...

Maybe, just maybe, I could get some help writing my pizza book, too.

I thought maybe I should call the book: Pizza Soup for the Heart. But then I decided it really wasn't about Pizza Soup, it should be about the celebration of pizza. It should be about parties. Pizza Parties.

I decided to call it The Pizza Therapy Pizza Party Book.

So I thought I would enlist the help of the finest, most talented. pizzaiolo I know.


That's right: you.

You have the experience. You have the knowledge. You know the inside tricks of making pizza. The choice was made as soon as I thought about it. Don't be humble. You may be a master pizzaiolo! If you made pizza only once, you have something to share. If you still haven't made pizza, you still can share something.

I have created a page where I explain how we will finish this book.

I also recorded a secret audio just for this project.

Go to this page, The Pizza Therapy Pizza Party Book.
Listen to the audio. Follow the instructions on the page.
And let's get this book finished.

You can read the draft Introduction of
The Pizza Therapy Pizza Party Book >>Click Here.

You can also learn: Grande’s Pizza Postulate.
This has never been revealed anywhere.

So what do you say?

Will you help me write The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book?

I hope you said: yes, of course!

And I say: thank you. This will be fun!

Here is the link: The Pizza Therapy Pizza Party Book.

2. The Portobello: The Royalty of Mushrooms


Portobello Mushrooms from pizzatherapy.com

Fresh Portobello Mushrooms

To say I love Portobello Mushrooms would be an understatement. These are some of my favorite mushrooms to cook with. They have a beefy texture that lets their bold taste shine through.

As a matter of fact, I love these fungi so much, I made a video of me making a batch of Portobello.

You can see the video at this link. Go to The Portobello Page

3. Low Carb Pizza Recipes

A few years ago, while standing in line for pizza, (OK it was Pepe's), I struck up a conversation with a man in back of me. He explained, he had recently had a heart attack and had to completely change his diet. He was on a low fat /no fat diet.

"I'm not giving up pizza" he boldly stated.

"What are you going to do? How can you eat pizza?" I asked.

"I special order it: no cheese, no meat."

Now that's pizza loyalty, I thought.

Shirley, a blogger, whose specialty is Low Carb Foods for Diabetics, has an answer.

She writes in her blog: "Pizza was one of the things I just couldn't stay away from...so I had to find a way that I could enjoy my Pizza and not worry that I was making this disease worse. It took a while but I have now found a way to make pizza and enjoy eating it too."

You can read the rest of Shirley's answer by clicking on this link.



The Legends of Pizza Volume 2, from pizzatherapy.com

Claim Legends of Pizza Volume 2

Unlock the Real Secret: Incredible Pizza Passion from Brian Spangler, Apizza Scholls, Tony Gemignani, Pyzano's Pizza and Ed LaDou Caiote Pizza Cafe...

Claim Legends of Pizza Volume 2

From my Connecticut pages:
Abbot's Lobster in the Rough...

4. Best Pizza in Alabama...

From the pages of pizzatherapy.com:

State City Place Reviewer Comments
Alabama Anniston/ Saks Carpenetti's rheeric "... I have never tasted a pizza as awesome as the 431 store in Saks. They are huge too! They have to be crammed into a large box! AWESOME TRUE NY ITALIAN TASTE!"
Alabama Cullman Carlton's Chughey "Crust and sauce make it great."
Alabama Daphne Cousin Vinny's  drewbaxter "5 Cheese pizza is awsome! Some of the best crust I've ever had!"
Alabama Gadsden Mater's tgmorgan "The service is slow and rude, which is part of the charm. Has been for 30 years. Pizza has a distintive flavor that is hard to describe, but the place has been packed for years, so that says enough."
Alabama Huntsville Terry's Pizza Mark "Its the crust & the sauce. Its simply the best in town.
Not a chain but good old down home pizza mak'in!"
Alabama Mobile Papa's Pizza MMcauliffe "The pizza is always fresh, plus the use of Franks Red Hot Sauce makes me weak. One of the best pizza I have ever had.."
Alabama Moody Carpenetti's jlaslave "The accent of the patrons was the only clue that we weren't in New York City:
the pizza was that good!"

For more great pizza on the planet...

Eastern U.S. Pizza
(Alabama-New Jersey)


Eastern U.S. (Continued!) Pizza
(New York-
West Virginia)
Central U. S.  Pizza Western U.S. Pizza International  Pizza

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