A Visit to Libby's Italian Pastry Shop
Wooster Street, New Haven Connecticut

Join me for an exclusive interview with May from Libby's.


Anyone who has ever been to Pepe's and Sally's on Wooster Street has stopped by Libby's.

Libby's offers incredible Italian pastries as well as the best Italian Ice and gelato you ever experienced.

It's actually mandatory that you stop at Libby's after you have satisfied yourself with the best pizza Wooster Street has to offer.

Libby's is an institution. As a matter of fact, Libby's has been open, longer than Pepe's!

Listen as May, 83, from Libby's Italian Pastry Shop, describes how the business was started by her parents in 1922. May explains the meaning of gelato. She reveals her father and Frank Pepe of Pepe's Pizzeria, were best of friends.


Interviewing May was a joy and honor!
Thanks, May!


Italian Pastry at Libby's on Wooster Street
Italian Pastry at Libby's



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In front of Pepe's

Next Door to Libby's is Pepe's!

Right down the Street from Libby's

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