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1. What's New: Why Make Pizza and My New Website

2.  Another One Bites the Dust...

3. The Brazilian Two Minute Pizza

4. You Say Tomato, I Say Potato:
The Great Vino vs. Gino Controversy from Little Rock, Arkansas

5. A Final Note...


1. What's New: Why Make Pizza and a New Website

Albert's Pizza Article:

My  article "Why should you make pizza?" was recently accepted for publication at very notable, information website.

Of course you knew that making pizza is fun. But in my article, I outline several other reasons to make pizza. I was very pleased the concept of making your own pizza is gaining national attention. This is an idea whose time has come.

Read the article,  right, here: Click >>> "Why should you make pizza?" There is a place where you can even leave comments.

Albert's New Website:

I have a new project that I just started working on. Since I live in Hawaii, I thought I would create a website all about my own Hawaii experiences. I wanted this to be more than the usual information website.

I wanted adventure. I wanted color. I wanted something different. So here is what I did: I created several videos about my experiences in Hawaii.

The website has not officially launched, yet. I have a lot of work to do. The concept and some videos are there. It really reflects my own personal view about Hawaii. I wanted the website to be more than just a "Best of Hawaii" website.

It's called: Hawaii Secret Dot Com and here is the link: http://hawaiisecret.com
(Right, that's  Hawaii Secret Dot Com)

Please visit and let me know what you think. As I said, it is still in "Beta" (testing) mode. I wanted you to give it a test drive before I put it out to everyone else. Will you let me know what you think?

Leave your comments here at the pizza and pasta Forum. Click here. Or just let me know by e-mail.

As always: thank you for the support.

Various heliconia from Hawaii at Hawaii Secret Dot Com

Hawaii Flowers at http://hawaiisecret.com

Shark's Cove from Hawaii Secret Dot Com

Photo by espo from http://hawaiisecret.com



2.  Another One Bites the Dust...

From Pizza Notes, my pizza blog:

The first thing I noticed was the locked doors and empty tables. Although there never seemed to be much activity in this pizza place, there was at least a little activity. Now there was no activity.

 I used to joke to people that the pizzeria had to be a front for the mob. They intentionally were losing money so they could launder illegal profits.


There was no way they could stay open with the amount of customers they had. A pizzeria needs customers. This pizza place had few customers. Very few. But they remained open. Until, now.

So I went next door and asked what happened. The cashier said she didn't know. Just one day they didn't open. She said the people that worked there were just as surprised. They came to work but they were locked out. Seems like this pizzeria went belly up.

Click Here>>>> Read the Rest of the the Blog HERE


3. The Brazilian Two Minute Pizza

I recently received the following ad from Tiago Donato,  for this brand new pizza product. Now I can't say I would ever want a "two minute pizza". But in the interest of innovative pizza reporting I offer the following:


- It bakes the pizza of homogeneous form.
- The edge (corniccione) is grown well and baked well.
- Working like oven the firewood.
- Made 25 pizzas/hour - When made in two stages produces (daily pay-baked record) up to 40 pizzas/hour.
- Economic.
- It keeps standard of quality and production.
- It occupies minor space and it propitiates minor operational cost.
- It guarantees hygiene in the work environment.
- It is versatile - by being transportable it can be dislocated for diverse types of services.
- In 15 minutes is ready to operate.
We have two models available:
Model: Steel Painted.                                     Model: Stainless Steel.     
Can operate with GLP or Natural Gas.     Can operate with GLP or Natural Gas.
If have any question or need more informations please contact us.
Best Regards,

Tiago Donato
International Sales Department


make your pizza in two minutes with this gadget...

The Two Minute Pizza Oven!


My comments: Good luck, Tiago. You may be the next big thing in "fast pizza".

For me, I'll take a little bit longer for my pizza. Thank you.



4. You Say Tomato, I Say Potato:
The Great Vino's vs. Gino's Controversy from Little Rock, Arkansas

True Story. Here is the back story. I solicit reviews from all over the world for "The Best Pizza in the World" section at pizzatherapy.com This is a list of pizzerias that has taken on a life of its own. Then I got an email.

This started as an innocent email, but as usual I find myself in the middle of controversy.

Here is the email:  "I was searching for the word Gino's to see what was on the net about us.  I came across a review that I think was about our business.  We have a hotel next door and they keep our menu in their lobby.  And we sell by the slice as well as have calzone.  I notice though that the reviewer typed the name as "Vino's"  not "Gino's".   We take great pride in our pizza as well as our Philly Cheesesteaks. If we were not the intended recipient of this great review I am still pleased that an Arkansas pizzeria has made its mark as a Pizza stop. Regards, Gino's"

OK. Innocent mistake, right? I went back into the "The Best Pizza" page, I changed all of Vino's to Gino's. I posted it back up on the web. I wrote to Gino's and told them I was sorry for my mistake. Probably a typo on my part. Hey we all make mistakes right?

Something did not seem right. I went back to the original review of Vino's. I noticed clearly: they said Vino's not Gino's. And I verified on the Internet: I found Vino's. Vino's was a Brew Pub.

So now I had to go back and change back the Gino's to Vino's. And, I had to review Gino's.

I wrote to Gino's. I told them there was no mistake after all.

Here is what I said: "Your assignment is to go to Vino's and sample their pizza. Let me know how it is.

Tell Vino's to go to your pizzeria, and ask them to let me know how your pizza is.

So in other words: Gino's will go to Vino's. And Vino's will go to Gino's. And next time I'm in Arkansas, I'm heading straight for Little Rock. You know where I'm going.

I'll keep you posted. Here is the link to the Vino's and Gino's review page:

Best Pizza in The Central U.S.


5. A Final Note...

If you have not read Jon F.'s incredible review of Brain Spangler and Apizza Scholls,
read it here: Jon F. Reviews Apizza Scholls.

Finally, I get asked a lot to endorse various Internet products. Usually I say no. For this product, I said yes. This is the most innovative, actual method to make an income on the Internet.
(No kidding, and I can prove it!)

Read my review, its the third one down.
Go here:
Surefire Success System


Thank you so much for your support.

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