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1. What's New: Tony Gemignani Wins Best Neapolitan-Style Pizza Contest in Naples!

2. Pizza Party USA: A Leap Year Celebration

3. The Conopizza: A Pizza by Any Other Name


1. What's New: Tony Gemignani Wins Best Neapolitan-style Pizza Contest in Naples

I am ecstatic to announce that our own, Legend of Pizza, Tony Gemignani, recently won the Best Neapolitan Pizza, at the World Pizza Cup.

Here is the winning pizza:

Tony Gemignani's award winning pizza!

You know the last time I saw Tony, here in Hawaii, I offered to take him to lunch. "I'll take you anywhere", I told him. He just wanted to eat pizza.
 (You can read about it, here, in the January '07 issue of Pizza News).

What can you say about Tony G.? Pizza is his passion, pizza is his life. He is an 8-Time World Pizza Champion as well as a Guiness Book of World Records holder. He has had numerous television appearances. He authored the best selling pizza cook book, pizza with Diane Morgan. The guy is all over the pizza map.

Of course, he is featured on Legends of Pizza, Volume 2, along with  Brian Spangler and Ed LaDou. His love of pizza shines through as well as some incredible pizza tips, shine through in the interview.

Tony lives his pizza passion. He made a commitment to learn to make the best pizza in the World. He studied in Naples. He learned the official system. He built a pizza oven in his back yard. Now, he takes the World Pizza Cup Award in Naples for making the best pizza!

From the press release:

Tony Gemignani beats world’s top pizza makers by baking best Neapolitan-style pizza in international contest.

CASTRO VALLEY, Calif.—Tony Gemignani accomplished what no American—any non-Italian—ever has by taking first place in the Trofeo Citta di Napoli (City of Naples Trophy)/World Pizza Cup, a championship for the globe’s best pizza makers and pizza acrobats held in Naples, Italy, June 12-13. The TCN represents the baking portion of the contest, while the WPC represents the acrobatic half.

The two-year-old event drew nearly 50 contestants from around the world to bake multiple styles of pizza the old-fashioned way—the truly Italian, Neapolitan way. Historically, the TCN, along with other Italian pizza baking contests, has been dominated by Italians steeped in the traditions and highly technical aspects of their country’s pizza making. Such domination made Gemignani’s unprecedented win a complete surprise.

Read the rest of the story here, at the Pizza Therapy Forum

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Tony Gemignani presents his award winning pizza to the Judges.
Tony Gemignani presents his award winning pizza to the Judges.

Unlock the Secrets of the Legends of Pizza...

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Legends of Pizza, Volume 1 features:

  • Peter Reinhart, Baker, Author, Pizzaiolo

  • Gary Bimonte, Co-owner of Pepe's Pizza

  • Chris Bianco, Owner of Pizzeria Bianco

Legends of Pizza, Volume 2 features:

  • Brian Spangler of Apizza Scholls,

  • Tony Gemignani, Pyzano's Pizzeria,

  • Ed LaDou, Caiote Pizza Cafe

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2. Pizza Party USA: A Leap Year Celebration

Matthew Baldwin had an idea back in 2004 for a national holiday called Pizza Party U.S.A. His idea is that the extra day for leap year could be converted to a fantastic pizza celebration.

Alright, call it a crazy idea. Call it an insane concept.
That was my initial thought as well....


Let me explain: Matt's proposal is that everyone would get the day off. Pizza would be served in local community centers. Each citizen would be entitled to three slices of pizza and a soft drink.

Remember, 2008 is a Leap Year. It may not be to late to revitalize Pizza Party U.S.A.

You can still sign the petition. Click Here.

3. The Conopizza: A Pizza by Any Other Name

Justin writes:

"My Gmail account (noting my perchance for pizza-themed emails to myself with new places to try after reading your site/blog/newsletter) provided me with this.

 Honestly, the idea doesn't look all that appetizing to me, but it's interesting nonetheless."

So here is the Conopizza...

What is it?

"Conopizza represent a simple concept ingeniously executed. Conopizza is a savory baked cone that enables people to eat delicious pizza on the go – in the car, at their desk, on the street – using only one hand. There is no danger of spillage. No fear of dripping. The Conopizza is versatile and able to accommodate almost any type of filling. Conopizza reinvent eating pizza by enabling people to enjoy the food they love in almost any situation."




Conopizza featured in pizzatherapy.com


My comments: Thanks for sharing, Justin. I think I heard about this several years ago. It does look interesting...

But so what. Just because you roll up pizza ingredients and put them in an ice cream cone, doesn't mean you can call it pizza.

But what do I know? Maybe the Conopizza is the wave of the future. Maybe it will be a big hit...Maybe, I'm missing something here. For me, make my pizza flat thank you very much...

Here is the link if you want another look:


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