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Oysters are a just incredible seafood. Eating oysters is just plain fun!

You can enjoy them in so many different ways. You can put them right on the grill. They cook up nicely in their own little package. You can enjoy them fried, or in a sandwich. Use them in sauces and stir fries Oysters have a wide array of uses.

My favorite way to enjoy them is fresh and raw, right in the shell. The taste is almost indescribable. Wonderfully fresh with the taste of the ocean shining right through.

The problem with these bivalves is the difficulty in getting them out of their shell. You need to know how to shuck them. Learning to open an oyster can be very tricky.

If you are going to  open your own oysters, though you need the right tools. You need to have an oyster knife. The oyster knife needs to be made well with hardened steel. Accept no substitutes. You need a hardened steel oyster knife.

Make sure you check out our recommendations for Oyster knives at the bottom of this page.



Here are the steps to open an oyster:

  1. Place your oyster on a board, flat side up. (You don't want to loose any of the juice)

  2. Wrap the oyster in a dish towel

  3. Put your oyster knife into the hinge and twist.

  4. Clean the top shell and use your knife to cut the oyster from the shell.

  5. Enjoy the taste of freshness!

The most important thing about shucking an Oyster is to use the correct tools. Remember there is a big difference between an Oyster knife and a Clam knife.

A clam knife has a rounded tip. An oyster knife's tip is pointed. Do not confuse the two.

We recommend: OXO Good Grips Oyster Knife  or  the Dexter-Russell 2.75-inch Oyster Knife, New Haven pattern


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