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 Grilling Pizza

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Fire up that Grill for a whole new experience!

Every Boy Scout has experienced making "bread on a stick". 
My "bread" always turned out to be "charcoal on a stick".
(I ate it anyway!)
I have since learned to make pizza on a grill without turning it to charcoal!
You, too, can make fantastic grilled pizza with a little effort and preparation.

Grilling Pizza,
with the Direct Heat Method!

Grilling pizza is an adventure!


You need a grill with a cover, a hot fire and a peel and/or a spatula or two. A pizza pan (or flat metal cookie sheet) and pot holders are essential. You will also need a table to prepare your dough to create your pizza.


  • Fire up the grill. Pizza will cook best on a hot fire. The ash should be white/gray. A gas grill should be turned to high. Make sure you allow the grill enough time to heat up.
  • Roll out the dough. ( I prefer a thin crust, however, thicker crusts will work).
  • Slide a well-floured peel underneath the dough. Cornmeal will also work well. Then, carefully slide the dough on the grill.
  • Keep an eye on the dough. Depending on the heat of the fire, the dough may cook rather quickly. Slide the peel (or spatula) underneath to loosen the dough and to check for doneness. The dough may start to bubble at this point. "Pop" the bubbles with a fork or the edge of the spatula. Don't be alarmed at grill marks on the dough but do not over cook! The dough should be firm, just starting to turn color.
  • Using your peel (or spatulas) remove the dough from the grill and flip it over on your floured table, cooked side up. Carefully coat the top of the dough with olive oil (it will be quite hot, so be careful.) Complete the pizza with your favorite toppings. Do not go overboard with toppings.
    For grilled pizza, less is more!
  • Slide a floured peel (cornmeal works well) under your pizza and place it on the grill (uncooked side down!) Cover the grill immediately. 
  • The only tricky part to grilling pizza is to not let the dough burn. Monitor the dough every few minutes to make sure it is not getting over cooked!
    (Remember my "charcoal on a stick".)
  • When the dough starts to turn color, slide the pizza pan (or cookie sheet) under the pizza to prevent the dough from burning. Replace the cover of the grill and check for doneness every couple of minutes. When the toppings are cooked, your pizza is ready!
  • Using the peel, remove the finished pizza from the grill. I just slide my peel underneath the pizza pan to remove the pizza. Again, be very careful, your pizza pan (cookie sheet) will be extremely hot. Use the pot holders to move the hot pan.
  • Sit back and enjoy your pizza! 
    You will be the hero of any barbeque!

Grilling Pizza: Check the dough frequently!

You have to check the dough frequently, when grilling pizza!

The Pizza Stone Method

The Pizza Stone method is placing your pizza stone on top of the grill. Build the fire and let the stone heat up for at least an hour. Cook your pizza just as you would in your oven. With this method, you do not have to precook one side of the pizza. If your stone is hot enough and your grill is covered, your pizza will cook. You essentially have created your own "brick" oven, right on the grill! Get you very own Pizza Stone right here!


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