I hope you are doing well. I am loving life and I hope you are as well. Sure there are some bumps in the road, but you just have to roll with it…
When I make pizza I wear a pizza t-shirt. I wear t-shirts every day. They are my every day uniform. I like to wear unusual t’s with a message.
Pizza T-shirts

Pizza T-shirts

If you wear t-shirts or know someone who does these are great shirts!
Here is the link to go to:
The selection of t-shirts is certainly amazing. You make personalized t-shirts, for anything. I just did a customized shirt for my brother.
I greatly appreciate the support. Please understand I am an affiliate and I may receive compensation if you purchase through my link.
Talk to you soon.
pizza on earth,
P.S. I hope your pizza adventures are happy ones.
For Pizza T-shirts go to:


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