Here’s a Christmas Gift for You!

Merry Christmas, Pizza New Year!

Merry Christmas, Pizza New Year!

Thank you for all of your support…

 Thank you for opening my email…

Pizza Therapy would not have been successful without your positive pizza energy and support!

Please accept the following Pizza Dough Recipe with Pizza Tips, as a special gift.

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This is an exclusive gift for you because you have been very supportive of me and my mission to spread the love of pizza.

As you may know, I have co-taught a pizza class with my Special Education Students and Regular Education students for a number of years.

As part of the class, the student’s assignment was to go home and make pizza (with assistance if needed), for their families. All students happily shared their pizza love with friends and families…And some made new friends and found family members they never knew they had!

That is the magic and power of pizza!

Albert Grande's Pizza Class

Albert Grande Teaches Pizza

This was the recipe, we gave them at the end of class.

You can download below (Just right click and save)

Pizza Therapy Dough Recipe Christmas 2017

This is an exclusive gift to you as a Subscriber to Pizza News.

You have my permission to share this pdf., print it and give away to anyone you wish.

Please help share the joy of pizza!

Pizza class

Pizza class

Thank you very much…

pizza on earth,


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